Chairman Live Q&A Session. 19th June

Started by shinglis, June 13, 2019, 11:02:40

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Lachlan Cameron live Q&A hour on the facebook group, Wednesday 19th June @ 8pm.

In preparation for this, like last time, questions to be submitted before the deadline of Monday 17th June at 8pm. You can either DM facebook group owner or post here and I will ensure the questions are included.

These will initially be posted and answered before the live session.

Pls note, NO questions surrounding the ownership of the club as these cannot be answered for legal reasons.


The obvious Q - What's the expectations for the season, assuming top 4 again? or initial target is again to avoid relegation.


Also no hindsight is 20/20 comments on Lachlan deciding not to sell Shankland in the  January window.


I still want a roof for the north terrace.


I would like to know what Lachlan has budgeted for as far as the financial implications of Friday night football over a season. Also, have the Championship clubs just accepted this arrangement or are they trying to get an input about what games are accepted and how much money they get for it?


Q. Is anyone interested in buying the club ?
A. There are always people interested and I have had encouraging discussions.
Hopefully there will be something to write about in the not so distant future


Does anybody know what else Lachlan said at this event?


Several of the questions and answers on the super ayr thread on p and b


Quote from: rritayr on June 25, 2019, 07:42:47
Does anybody know what else Lachlan said at this event?

I have a transcript of the comments/questions, just not had the time to edit into a post format, hopefully in the next day or 2.

Jeff Vader

Quote from: shinglis on June 25, 2019, 08:55:14
Quote from: rritayr on June 25, 2019, 07:42:47
Does anybody know what else Lachlan said at this event?

I have a transcript of the comments/questions, just not had the time to edit into a post format, hopefully in the next day or 2.

Awesome, thanks Shinglis


Interesting stuff no doubt in response to the Q and A. Looking at it in this context, the £70k we missed out on by finishing 4th was probably worth a player and a half for this season.

If Shankland was on a goal bonus then maybe just as well he stopped scoring in the 2nd half.

As nothing else happening on this forum and due to lack of transfer activity P and B debating the merits or otherwise of Calvin Miller who doesn't play for us anymore I'll ask the question in the hope of starting some debate. Club had their biggest game since the K*ll*e semi at Hampden when playing ICT in the play off. However it was a very disappointing crowd despite the price being cut, it being a glorious sunny night and having played decent football all season. Yes Liverpool v Barcelona was on the TV but nobody expected any kind of comeback. I can't find the stats but I think we got similar/more at the play off against Cowdenbeath on a horrible wet night, where we limped into the play offs playing honking football under Roberts.

Given the season we had, surely the game against ICT should have sold itself - what do people think went wrong in getting folks to that game? - please leave the commercial manager and billboards out of it as they have been done to death and I think are immaterial in this - folk never seem to not know we are playing Rangers/Killie. Similarly ignore the attendances during the season - this was the home leg of a play off that could have got us to the SPL

Why do folks think that we couldn't get 4-5000 plus for that game - was it poor second half of the season form, hangover from the Talbot game, 2000 people being the upper limit of folks who are actually interested in watching Ayr United or something else?

At what point do the directors take the stance that going full time, trying to compete in the championship etc is not worth the expense/hassle as it doesn't really bring any significant increase in revenue/footfall?


Interesting points made by ghostofjimmysmith.  How does the club get more punters through the gates and the turnout against ICT for the home play-off leg was disappointing, especially when it was such a nice evening and such an important match.

I think we have to be real and accept that there are only 2000 of us who love and follow Ayr United come rain or shine.  The others we get from time to time are supporters coming along checking what all the fuss is about, if we are on a good run of matches or are scoring lots of goals.  But the minute that there is a change, they return to their other activity which keeps them away from Somerset.

How do we change that mind-set and win over and keep those supporters, that is a challenge.  I feel without a sugar daddy like some middle eastern prince, with more money than sense, wishing to invest in our wee club, it will be difficult.

We need that match day experience to be something extra special, more than what is being offered right now.  I would suggest some half-time entertainment for starters. This does not have to be something which cost lots of money, but a bit of imagination could encourage families to keep coming back.

The ground looks great for its age and the refurbishment of the toilets in the main stand last season was a much needed improvement.  The team of volunteers lead by Alisdair Malcolm do a great job tidy things up.  But we are still limited by our surroundings.  Car parking is problematic.  A roof over the North Stand to keep supporters dry and generate a better atmosphere, is long over due.  The Hospitality experience is superb and I would encourage anyone to give it a go, but this experience is only enjoyed once your in there.  The walk up to the Ally McLeod Suite is not very inspiring.

So my point is unless we have some massive input into the infrastructure at Somerset to improve the match day experience, we are treading water and we have to get used to that.

This is not a criticism at the Directors, it is just an observation.


A roof for the north terrace is long over due.


Maybe but it won't increase the number of fans coming to games
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!



I'll be honest the match day experience from July to St Andrews night really couldn't from my personal opinion have been much better.

Winning is what it makes it all worth while and we were no bad at that last season- sorry taking the debate back to the 1970's = Alex Scott and Hope Solo standing behind the goals discussing the runs that Michael Moffat should have made wouldn't make defeat any more bearable.

real deal

Correct the match day experience couldn't have been better first half of the season