Ryan Stevenston Glasgow Southside

Started by Alastai80627054, April 03, 2018, 12:37:20

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How the mighty have fallen hearing he is on 700 quid a week dunno if its true or not has something to do with his job plays in the Sat morning league in Glasgow its some league was a cracking Ayr player in his day even before he left for Dumbarton under a cloud


Probably just wants to do anything he can to continue playing.. the money would be a bonus but for Saturday league be very surprised is that amount was accurate.

No doubt about Ayr United history and maybe some day into the hall of fame.


Its money on top of a job the guy that runs them has his own buisness never asked what it was


Southside are good pumped us 5 0 in a season pre season but he had not signed for them still think Tyncastle will win the league Andy McLaren is still sharp as a tack they got five or six ex seniors if Southside gaffer stays about though he will get more ex professionals in for next year and they will no doubt win the league think Stevo got depressed that is why he left the senior game thought he was a cracker though had great ability entertained to that is what its all about one of the best wingers that a saw for us and I saw Peter Weir play even auld he has still a baller to