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Started by shinglis, July 27, 2015, 01:50:34

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QuoteThe Ayr United Development Society run the 5 Star Lottery. I suggested them as they already collect money from fans on a regular basis and pass it on to the club. I also suspect they have greater capacity for organising and managing something like this.

Regardless, what is required is a figurehead/leadership to take this forward - something I fear might be missing - and to iron out the details.

So could we not all just pledge to pay and extra £5 to the lottery and no need for the figurehead!

Or rather is this about giving the club money for a defined purpose hence the need to segregate from 5 * lottery cash.

Similarly on another thread we are advocating cutting admissions prices by £5 - I appreciate this is to try and entice lapsed fans back - but on this thread wanting to give the club money on a regular basis.

Personally I would be willing to make a regular contribution to the club, as long as there was some indication that this was being used to improve facilities/playing staff, not servicing loans etc and I would not expect shares in return or board representation - pay back for me would hopefully be better players/facilities.

Not sure, but I think simple idea is being hijacked by others agendas - that of fan ownership/representation on the board.


Tbh this is the first season in a while where there's not really been an indication that we're struggling financially for players. Fair play the likes of Dunfermline and Cowdenbeith probably have a higher budget but our signings are the best in the division on paper. For me, donations of this type should be put towards the upkeep and maintenance work at Somerset. Perhaps a seperate fund set up for this would be a more logical option as if some fans wish to stop paying after a few months the club aren't left up sh*t creek with player wages they can't afford. Plus it also means that our donations will be going towards more long term improvement by making Somerset a nicer place to visit.
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I have already PM'd the originator of the 500 scheme and pledged money but I don't want anything to do with it if it's run by the TRUST!!


QuotePM'd the originator of the 500 scheme

The originator on the FB group is looking for possible numbers, so if not already like the FB group and get in touch.