AU 500 - Update.

Started by shinglis, March 10, 2017, 05:38:17

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Well done to all concerned. You are all stars.


Another £5000 handed over yesterday.


Not being picky but that is the same £5K that was mentioned 2/3 weeks ago.


It's the £5000 that we said on July 27 would be presented at the Forfar game


Hopefully it will be put to good use.


Taken from the AU500 Facebook page
On Saturday the committee of the AU500 Fund presented a cheque to the club for £5,000 !!
A remarkable figure which took the total amount that has been raised to an amazing £12,400 since the AU500 was launched one year ago this month.

Chairman Ron Withers said "the AU500 Fund was launched last August to give fans of Ayr United the opportunity to support the club even more by making monthly donations to the fund. The committee and the members of the fund are incredibly proud of how much we've been able to help the club over the past year and we'd love even more people to join if they can."

Manger Ian McCall said "the efforts of the AU500 Fund over the past year have been a great help in supporting the playing budget and with our full-time status this season their support is even more significant. I can't thank the members of AU500 Fund enough for their contributions."
The committee members are pictured presenting the cheque to Ayr United Director Mark Pettigrew. If you're interested in joining the AU500 Fund or finding out more, please visit or private message us via Facebook


AGM for AU500fund members will be held on Sunday, November 12. Somerset Park boardroom at 3pm