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Started by shinglis, September 02, 2016, 16:34:21

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QuoteHello Everyone
Well how time flies. A lot has happened this last month. We are slowly but surely adapting to life in the Championship. It was nice to get our first point against St. Mirren, who I think will struggle this year based on what I witnessed on Saturday. We played lovely football for most of the game, only for a moment of indecisiveness denying us all three points, however I can see improvements being made and partnerships forming on the field. I really do believe we will be okay and start moving up the league. I trust in the Gaffer to get it right with all the experience he has. The results of late doesn't really give the true picture of how we've performed.
Thus far, we have made good progress in our project, AU 500 Fund. Considering we haven't had a home league game for a few weeks, it was nice to see a good crowd at Somerset last Saturday, and the Hospitality Lounge full. This gave myself an opportunity to allow members to take up a membership number, which some fans did, however it became apparent that some fans wished to have more time to think about it, and rightly so. We do not in any way wish to pressurise anyone, or embarrass them in any way if they don't sign up. As the Gaffer said," It doesn't mean they are any less of a fan if they don't, or can't ".
During the month we have had our first presentation of your funds to AUFC. of £500, which was proudly presented by members of the committee on your behalf, in fact it was a proud moment for all of us seeing our efforts come to fruition. A lot of hard work has been done by my colleagues and myself in making this happen, and would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to them for their efforts thus far on your behalf. Considering that we are all volunteers working towards building up the playing budget to help towards signing players of quality and commitment for AUFC. This is the dream we all have for the club in that we have, and are all willing to give of our time and energy on your behalf for this to proceed to the next level.
Thus far we have exceeded our first target and can now focus ourselves to aim even higher. "reach for the stars" as the song goes. Anyway here is where we are as of 30th. August 2016. We are now in the position to be able to present another cheque of £500 to the players fund for another month prior to our home game against Greenock Morton, following on from the one presented to the Gaffer Ian McCall previously. We hope to make this a regular occurrence each month and we would like a nominated member of the AU500 Fund to hand over the cheque on behalf of our loyal supporters to a Board Member or a member of the Management team.
We are all delighted with the support we received from Members of the Board and Staff who have committed to the project by signing up to the AU500Fund. I would also like to show our appreciation for their hospitality on the evening of our official launch. We were all made very welcome and validated on the implementation of such a valuable project in helping towards the player's salaries There is also so much more going on to help improve the process of the standing order set up. We hope to be able to update all our members every month with a Financial Report as to where we are regarding how many members we have and the amount of monies we have raised. I hope you have all had the opportunity to have viewed our website: It is worth having a look at. We would ask that when you are processing your standing order that you use your membership number as a reference and for you to include your e-mail address in order for us to update you on any upcoming events.
We are motoring on and are not standing still in our pursuit of achieving our dream of reaching the targets we set ourselves. We will remain positive and focussed on making this club Ayr United FC a success both on and off the field and up there in our rightful place where we belong.
Ron Withers
Chairman, for and behalf of AU500Fund committee!how-to-join/tdhvj


Cheers. Reminded me to sign up
Here we go Ian McCall


Good stuff.
Keep up the good work.

Balloon Boy

great stuff, keep up the good work