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Started by Carson, April 09, 2016, 10:41:25

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Just wondered if anyone had heard anything more on the nonsense to do with having to change the badge?  Wasn't sure if I had missed something or if it had been settled.  I noticed that there is one doing the rounds on the club's wiki page (yes I know it can be edited by anyone but still) that was uploaded at the end of last year...wonder if it was some sort of agreed compromise? 

Just wondered if it had been sorted as I remember this time last year the club already had the new season shirts to go on sale and, from what I understand, it seemed to be quite popular on the last game at home v Stirling.  Obviously no announcement regarding sponsorship with Bodog or anyone else so far, but the point I'm making is that if this hasn't all been agreed could it not seriously impact upon a major source of revenue?


As usual, we will be told nothing until the club is down on it's uppers. Forward thinking comes from supporters, not anyone at the club sadly. Wish Lachlan would get over here and give them a shake up.

David Castilla

Nothing has been announced because I don't think the club really know what is happening yet either.  As far as i'm aware, if we have to change, it wouldn't affect us until the beginning of the 17/18 season.
The dream will never die.



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I think Airdrie and Formartine were given a year's grace to change their badges. Posts on Pie&Bovril might have more info (especially by Capital Diamond).

Nothing will happen on law until May at earliest. Assuming there is enough support to change it, there would still be issues of how long process takes and would it be retrospective?

That 'wiki version' of badge is decent but it still has saltire and shield with letters inside. I've worked on a redesign of the badge that could avoid heraldic issues, in case it comes to that. I put a draft here before - finished it more recently but only just got it online. [Edited to embed badge - took out kit pic to tidy up]

Just to be clear, I'd prefer it if all Scottish clubs could keep their traditional badges. I've only done this version to demonstrate a more creative solution to the Lord Lyon issue.

See what you think anyway...


The Ayr United badge adopted the crest of Ayrshire. That crest was registered in "The Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.". The date of that entry was 1st July, 1890.

Balloon Boy

what does the crest of Ayrshire look like?


Not sure if this is the one Duncan mentions :


Balloon Boy


There's only One Team in Ayrshire. Ayrshire's Black and White.


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Quote from: duncan.carmichael on April 13, 2016, 08:51:23
The Ayr United badge adopted the crest of Ayrshire. That crest was registered in "The Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.". The date of that entry was 1st July, 1890.

Thanks for confirming that about the coat of arms. I'd assumed that's what Ayr's badge was based on (linked to it on my site). Not a crest, by the way, that's the bit above a shield - like the cockerel in Airdrie's badge.

'Lamb of god' symbolises patience/suffering and lyres (harps) mean contemplation. Does that sound like a season in League 1? ;) The lamb also appears in the Perth and Preston coats of arms and team badges.

A coat of arms can only have one bearer, so you can't share Ayrshire's, but the club could register its own. Two things would need to change - colour of saltire and removing letters 'A' and 'U'. Everything inside shield must be an image - text can only be in scroll underneath. I've done a quick mockup of what that might look like...

Certainly more black and white. Would be better if saltire lined up with edge of scroll.

If the club can afford about £3,000 to register something like the above then that might be the way they go. My design was only about giving an alternative.

I get that no-one wants change so hopefully you can keep what you've got. But the laws are so old that there's hardly any right to appeal. Be prepared to see some tweaks like the above...

All the best with it anyway.



It is futile to be tinkering with the Ayr United badge at this stage. The guy with the strange breeks still hasn't won and he might never win. There was a severe deviation from protocol when this issue first occurred. Quite simply the correct procedures were not followed. Even if the worst did happen, the existing badge would be prevalent amongst the support anyway. In defiance we would continue to see the proper badge in circulation for decades. I'd sooner go badgeless than adopt any of these creations that are getting touted.


Unfortunately correct procedure etc doesn't even matter, as the people ruling on the matter would be the people who did not follow it. As laughable as that sounds, amazingly it's true.


I see from the Ayrshire Post that the club are preparing a new badge for the season 2017/2018 onwards should the fight with Lord Lyon fail.  Hopefully we will be a championship team and maybe have slightly more influence during the dispute.

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Is it not about time the law relating to this sort of thing was ignored as having fallen into disuse? There's a proper legal term for that but I've forgotten it. An example is a law brought in during Cromwell's time and never repealed. Quite seriously, it is illegal to make Christmas pudding! But there aren't arrests by the thousand as the festive season approaches.