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Started by titus, April 04, 2016, 14:38:33

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Yes they have achieved what they needed to, build a good squad, play good football, and at the bare minimum secure a playoff place. Well done to McCall and co. Experience tells us not to HOPE for too much, and if ever there was a bogey side for us, it would be Peterhead. Though all sides in the playoffs surely have a chance to play well and have luck. Forgive our negativity, too much hurt in the past.


Quote from: ghostofjimmysmith on April 15, 2016, 15:42:35
What happens if, as could quite easily happen, we win the play offs - are we refusing to go up.

Our form, last 5 games this time last season was the same if not worse yet there was much more positive thinking and McCall was lauded as our new messiah - this is all very perplexing.

Don't get your point, last season we were dreadful all season, McCall did enough to avoid a relegation playoff and brought a sense of credibility and hope. Beginning of this season we led the league, at least kept pace with Dunfermline, now we're 21 points behind them flagging in third and we've to be positive!? It's only two years ago we snuck into the playoffs in fourth in a league with Rangers and Dunfermline then got our arses handed to us by Cowdenbeath. We may have a better squad now on paper but we've only 6 more points on the board so far. Big turnaround from last season but extremely disappointing given the start we made and the squad.

Balloon Boy

Have to agree, it's been very disappointing of late, & i don't think the football has been that great either all season, too many long balls in to the channels