Ayr United v QoS

Started by shinglis, October 14, 2021, 10:17:33

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Tomi Adeloye is a class act, on the pitch and doing all those autographs and selfies at the end.

Ian Boswell

No disagreement about Tomi Adeloye. Other standouts were Fjørtoft and MoM McAdams.


Outplayed for 70 minutes but won the game and controlled last 20 minutes. QOS took their best player off when they scored.

Usual suspects Salkeld, Afolabi need to do better but really not been impressed with McAllister - gauging that by third home game in a row standing on NT first half and everything coming down the opponents left wing and McAllister frequently not in position - would let him off with it if he was a rampaging attacking full back but he is not and Salkeld not the issue this week as he was playing on the left. Bizarrely Fjortoft looks our most capable right back.

Both Morton and QOS double marked Adeloye, whenever he turned thr first man, always someone preventing space - surely somehow that has to create space elsewhere.