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Started by shinglis, January 12, 2021, 12:33:55

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Well not sure if a surprise to all but David Smith is the new Chairman and owner of Ayr Utd.

QuoteIncoming Chairman David said :"It is a huge honour to be the Owner of the Club I have supported my entire life. Since joining the Board I have been heavily involved and this seems like a natural step. I would like to thank Lachlan not only for everything that him and his family have done for Ayr United but also for how seamless he made the negotiations. Lachlan has written off a huge amount in loans to the Club and we are now in a really good place to move forward."

Love him or hate him but personally it is fair to say under Lachlan's control the club has been more stable following the Barr era and to be honest probably ensured the clubs survival so for that I am thankful. Reading  Lachlan's comments on the official it sounds like lots of interesting structure developments are planned regards ground improvements so will be an interesting time going forward for the Super Ayr.

real deal

Interesting times ahead hopefully,I was a Lachlan fan always fought the club's corner


Lachlan always said he would only sell to the right person - lots of shysters or those whose funding wasn't transparent have been chased over the years -  - david smith falls into the right person category - I think he was involved in the appointment of Kerr so unlikely any imminent management change but will be good to have someone actually at the games - can gauge the mood of the fans - so we don't end up with another slow divorce like with roberts

Probably good timing lc moving on in the post trump world given his previous support.

Roof on the open terrace please - quite happy to contribute in exchange for shares