QoS Game - Yeh League football returns.

Started by shinglis, October 15, 2020, 15:43:19

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Well it's been a long wait and not what we had hoped for, i.e. no fans allowed in the ground but at last league football returns for the Super Ayr.

Regards result prediction, we have a few players returning from international duty so I think we might sneak this one 1-0. Really hoping for a good start to the season as early points will be critical.

For £12.50 you can watch the game via AU media and season tickets are valid.

Ian Boswell

Quite an entertaining game. My heart sank when the picture froze twice during the first minute of the game, but it never did again. With several new players this season I find it harder to get to recognise some of them compared to being at the ground, but watching online sure beats missing the game. Roll on next time!


Online coverage better than nothing, despite the freezing and buffering. Going to take ages to identify the new players. Good 3 points, only just held on in the end.

real deal

Injuries are a worry squad looking thin already and then theirs McCowans stupidity admittedly I don't know what he did I didn't see the stream heard it was petulance,good to see the new keeper have a good game a good start Queens always make it tough


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Risky going with small squad/youthful players. Have been really impressed with their creative forward play as a team, although leaking goals too. Desperately need bodies but finances must be tight with less income. McCowan and others must learn (fast) re. discipline..he has the potential to be a great player..(second yellow looked like an elbow whack), but ideally Kerr should have replaced him soon after his first booking, could see what was coming... Fear the big highlanders who'll no doubt have huge squad. It's going to be a long journey back after no showers.Have I missed the player shirt sponsors this season?


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