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Started by shinglis, April 08, 2020, 21:17:53

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The real jolly

All this reconstuction business has really bored me to the point i cant be bothered about it.Saying that i feel for thistle as i actually like them and its unfair when they were within safety with a game in hand.However the question im asking is after seeing rangers "legend" barry ferguson spouting something why did he hurredly move all his money and assets into his wifes name if the ebt payments scandal was legal ?.That was round the time they won loads but was it by cheating and having an unfair advantage ?what were the findings?would have loved us to beeen awarded the league cup


I see today's madness solution is one league of 16 teams with a top 6 bottom 10 split thus ensuring the old farts play each other 4 times.

No idea what the final outcome will be and I doubt this single 16 team league will be successful but going to be interesting summer.

Sun News Report - Scotland start season with 16 team league

real deal

The latest is Budgies 3 X 14 leagues for 2 seasons hopefully that's binned as well


Kind of losing the thread of what is going with this - I think we are currently at no reconstruction, championship restarting in October for 27 games and no date for league 1 and 2 and Hearts going to sue someone but who actually knows.

Partick down and with no league start date is cosmic karma for McCall for leaving us the way he did.

One general thing is the talk about reconstruction that irked me - they talked about how great it would be to get back the Highland derby (3-4000 fans) if they go to 14 and maybe the Dundee derby if the went to 16 - didn't really seem to mention the potential for the return of the Ayrshire derby if they went to 16 teams.


Yeah the Ayrshire Derby seems to be off the media's radar. See thistle got another handout someone paying for a legal bid.