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With no football at moment it's a good time to look back and think about the 'great games' attended over the years ( I appreciate similar topics on other forums so what; if it triggers some happy memories then that's got to be a good thing)! Here's a starter for 10 ; I remember us going to Easter Road to play Hibs in a quarter final ;I reckon it must have been the year Dundee narrowly beat us over 2 legs in semi final. Anyway I was on a supporters bus , remember arriving and away end wasn't open , much panic as kick off neared then we managed to get in and ended up on the old eastern terrace. There were maybe only a couple of hundred of us but soon evident that there were groups of Ayr fans in different sections of ground. Can't recall what score was in normal time but the match went in to extra time , I had to visit gents which meant going through Hibs fans to toilets which were towards Hibs home end. When on way back I heard a roar and recall being really disappointed , another near thing for Ayr but not to be ; how wrong I was right in front of me , right at corner of ground was Derek Fry and Ayr players celebrating ; I couldn't do anything I was surrounded by Hibies,  I had to stay where I was; then almost unimaginable thing we scored again. Was it Fry again ?..I remember seeing a neighbour in same section as me ..we couldn't do anything but inside we were bursting....we won 2.0 , then afterwards; all the Ayr fans were gathered up and marched back to buses through the surrounding streets...non stop singing and it felt there was thousands of us.." Hibies are out the cup the flag, fly the flag....what a night and what a memory.....were you there that night and have I got the details right?


Has to be the 2-0 Killie cup game. The pre match, not knowing if the game was going to go ahead with the weather and that Jim dick header OMG! still get goosebumps just thinking about it.


I was at that game.  Travelled up from Ayr on the supporters bus on a school night!  Yes, you're right--it was League Cup QF (Oct 22, 1980) and two weeks previously we'd drawn the home leg 2-2 in a match where I remember George Best making a rude gesture to the Ayr fans in the Railway End in response to some mischievous taunting about his off-the-pitch antics.  Bestie didn't feature in the second leg match which, as you mention, went to extra time, and goals from Derek Frye and Eric Morris sent the Ayr fans ecstatic.  One vivid memory I have of that night was standing huddled with a large group of Ayr supporters on a freezing east terracing, trying to dodge fireworks which the Hibees were chucking at us from where they were gathered in similarly large numbers just a few yards away. I don't recall any police intervention although we were given a police escort back to the bus after final whistle. I do, however, remember the non-stop singing which rang out loud along Albion Road all the way back to the buses, and of course all the way back to Ayr. I probably struggled to get up for school the next day but at least I now had my first ever Cup semi-final to look forward to!


Was also at the 2-0 Scottish Cup win over Killie, crammed into the Somerset Road end to watch one of the most exciting second-halves I'd seen in a long time.  Have watched the highlights of that match more times than I care to remember. Jim Dick's goal is fantastic but when Laurent D'Jaffo slides the ball to Ian Ferguson who turns and curls it over the keeper it's goosebumps for me every time!

The 3-0 Cup win over Killie the following year is another close contender, not least for Andy Walker's chipped penalty.


One of my favourite Ayr United games was in the 1997-98 season largely due to the bizarreness of it. If I remember rightly we were bottom of the league at the time, complete and utter mince, in the midst of using 50 players etc but somehow or other we managed to horse promotion chasing Airdrie 6-0 at Somerset - I think we were 4-0 up after 20 minutes with the bizarreness completed by David Castilla winning man of the match for a goalkeeping masterclass - the mists of time may be making me mixing this up though.

More recently both the home 3-0 horsings of Raith a couple of years ago, the 5-0 spanking of the Arabs are happy memories - actually that late summer/autumn 2018  when we humiliated teams that had largely owned us for 20-30 years summed up by the joyous "Yer F*ckin sh*te, yer F*ckin sh*te, yer F*ckin shite" 

Not necessarily a brilliant result but I remember a 3-3 draw with Hibs in the league at Somerset in the Hurst/Walker era was an absolute belter of a game.

Best enjoyable atmosphere at a game in recent years was that game that the Feyenoord boys attended as it  didn't match the absolute shocker on the pitch but probably got us a vital three points.


The Killie games were great with a fantastic atmosphere. On the 3.0 one we were right behind the goal;couldn't believe it when we got the 2nd penalty.The next cup game when Williams equalised at the death was another cracker ; we were on the terrace on that one, unbelievable noise/atmosphere.

The semi finals with Dundee weren't so good , the first game at Somerset had crowd trouble and led to the segregation fence being put in place (that right?).I remember Connor scoring to equalise late on. The second leg was really strange and ultimately heartbreaking one. I took afternoon off school and recall playing snooker at Danny Strickland's before getting on supporters bus. Dundee weather was poor , a miserable night. I can remember Billy McColl scoring and we hadn't realised till team were celebrating ....was it misty? We were on the way to Hampden then just ran out of steam and Dundee full time stamina came to the fore with about 10 mins left. Cammy Fraser springs to mind and a poor ,tired attempt clearance from Billy Hendry led to their winning goal. There was a big clock in the ground and I remember thinking it was slowest clock ever. Really disappointing night , sure we were favourites to go through. Great to think back though and over the 50 years now of supporting Ayr , I have truly great memories.

shuggie sproat

The Jim Dick header,I was behind the goal about three quarters of the way up the terracing,I will never forget the feeling when the ball hit the back of the net.I swore I saw Jesus at that point,the sway in the crowd carried me to just behind the net,absolute bedlam,pure joy,what a feeling.


The Dundee League Cup semi-final (Nov 1980) was Ayr's reward for beating Hibs in the QF (see above) and ultimately ended in heartbreak for Ayr who were 2-1 up at Dens in the second leg only for Dundee to score twice late in the second half.  Ayr fans stood on the east terracing which at that time was uncovered and were not only soaked but struggled to see a lot of the second-half action beacuse of the mist hanging over the pitch. Remember feeling totally dejected on the road home and for days after. Even now I still feel gutted that we couldn't hold out and make it through to what would have been our first ever major final.

The following match summary and video highlights which I only recently stumbled upon give a bit more backround to that night:

Jeff Vader

Quote from: shuggie sproat on April 18, 2020, 05:39:26 The Jim Dick header,I was behind the goal about three quarters of the way up the terracing,I will never forget the feeling when the ball hit the back of the net.I swore I saw Jesus at that point,the sway in the crowd carried me to just behind the net,absolute bedlam,pure joy,what a feeling.

Agree about the sway, I struggle to think of a goal I've celebrated more. I was also behind the goal and nearly got crushed in the bedlam!