Ayr v Dundee Utd

Started by shinglis, March 02, 2020, 12:46:23

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No reason to fear and take the 3 points.  ;D

Ian Boswell

I thought we matched them for standard of play and the result was fair. Most of the team played well, with Doohan and Harvie particularly impressive. Kerr was shaky for the first 15 minutes and McCowan and Moffat weren't at their best. Still, sets us up well to tackle Dundee twice in four days. If it's one win apiece, please let them be home wins!


Agreed. It would have been a travesty if we hadn't taken anything. Team worked hard to defend, just need wee bit more accuracy with shooting. Hope Jason can get the pitch rolled for Saturday...


GA couple of days decent weather are forecast, so that will help dry out the pitch for Saturday
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!


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A good noisy support would help. Thought they were quiet the other night. Why not try and keep the songbook up throughout the game, it would probably help. Would be good to see someone at the club out and about to promote the fixture...😑 , eg. the panda could go to a different town or village for an hour each week, and hand out leaflets, would be eye catching.