Morton Game

Started by shinglis, February 13, 2020, 20:08:10

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Is this game going to be on, given the weather forecast?

Given the number of ex Ayr players recently signed for Morton, can see Morton getting a sneaky win but I hope not.


What's the betting they get a start...
Hope someone gets our announcer to play The Mighty Quinn(Manfred Man) just before k.o.,just to get the choir started,in memories of Stan Quinn,LEGEND.


Ian Boswell

Heavy rain forecast from later morning to early afternoon, but during the game less rain and some sun. More heavy rain after 5pm. If the game gets to start it should get to finish - provided the forecast is right.

Ian Boswell


Game would have been a farce in these conditions, right decision

real deal

Quote from: TonyH on February 15, 2020, 15:13:33 Game would have been a farce in these conditions, right decision

Correct never mind the wind rain hasn't stopped


Game would have been a farce and really wasn't looking forward to trying to huddle up the back of the SRE to get out of the wind and the rain. First sensible decision Madden has ever made.

Predictably Morton fans having a go at Ayr United o P + B because the game was off and saying we are really a wee junior club - aye and Ibrox is a junior ground too.


Just in case anyone is confused the game is on tonight 25/02/2020.

Ian Boswell

Lacklustre display. Didn't deserve anything from this game. The second Morton goal wasn't badly defended, it wasn't defended at all!


Back to losing at home after taking the lead. Very kerrless

shuggie sproat

If he is fit Mark Kerr should be starting every game.We are a different proposition when he plays, full of drive and determination.We need to get this right as we are teetering on the the edge of the playoffs with other teams breathing down our necks.No room for error in my view.