Ayr v Inverness

Started by shinglis, January 23, 2020, 11:42:53

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Oh please please pretty poly please let us get a win against them this weekend. I don't care if it is the worse performance of the century and the luckiest goal ever just as long as we beat them and take the 3 points.

Thoughts ?

Jeff Vader

Agreed! Would be great if we can continue breaking the 'Highland hoodoo'!

shuggie sproat

I have a feeling we will beat them on Saturday,which is long overdue.I remember a Scottish Cup tie with them up in the Highlands a good number of years ago,I could not make the game due to work commitments so had to miss out.

I vividly remember a work colleague telling me Ayr were three up at half time and my first thought was he is at the wind up,but was astonished when I found out that he was correct.I barely had time to savour the pleasure of hearing this great news when he was back at me again within fifteen minutes to say we were four three down,he was definitely at the wind up now I thought but was incredulous to find out he was right.

We have taken a few sore ones off this lot over the years and it is time starting this Saturday to pay them back.

Ian Boswell

I remember hearing that 0 - 3 becoming 4 - 3 while at, of all places, Alloa watching Athletic losing to the Dons (A friend was from Aberdeen). Thankfully I can also remember a 5 - 2 home win against ICT. That would do nicely tomorrow!


Time to end the highland jinx.i am predicting a 3-1 win for the honestmen.

Maybole Mauler

It would certainly be great to beat this lot for once.

We need to shackle Rooney as he ran riot in the last game at Somerset, scoring one goal and making the other. We need someone to match his physicality, as he bullied Forest easily in that game.

I am also a bit concerned that neither of our available main strikers i.e.Forrest, Moffat and McCowan have scored in ages. Getting the first goal in this game, like so many in this League. can be critical and I can't see where it will come from, I'm afraid. If I remember correctly , we missed a number of clear cut early chances in the last game and lived to regret it. Maybe Drinan will step up and bang in a few?

All in all - I would bite your hand off for a point.


Actually feeling hopeful, worrying! To say we are overdue a result against them is an understatement.
A motivation for our team. Decent home support, hopefully.


Yeah I remember standing in the market inn watching the score of that game, scarred for life after that 🤓😂😂
We are so up for this, get intake them I say

So, on a general point, I am so looking forward to today's game, mon Ayr mon Super Ayr
We are Ayr Super Ayr
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!


Looks like we have found a wee bit of form again. Nice to beat Inverness.
Sad to see Partick are back at the bottom of the league. Might have to think about replacing the manager.

shuggie sproat

Magic!.Well played Mark Kerr and his team!.Land of the Giants brought down to size at last.Great passing and interplay from the Honest Men and we physically matched them which is no mean feat.Kelly immense today in midfield and Mark Kerr just sublime.I am a very happy  camper tonight.

real deal

Great 3 points I like how we are now able to dig out wins looking mostly solid


Brilliant teamwork, keep it up, attendances will rise, atmosphere will improve,who knows what will be possible...


Excellent result, deserved to win by more.
Great to see the celebrations after the goal, showed how much it meant to everyone.


Quote from: shinglis on January 23, 2020, 11:42:53 Oh please please pretty poly please let us get a win against them this weekend. I don't care if it is the worse performance of the century and the luckiest goal ever just as long as we beat them and take the 3 points.

Thoughts ?

OK a well-taken goal by Kelly after the defensive mix up, should have been more. Love the way the team appear to be controlling games and grinding out the 1-0 results.  👏


Delighted with yesterday's result, especially after the last two matches against them.  Couldn't actually make it to the game as was in Perth with some St Johnstone supporter pals watching Killie lose their seventh League match in a row!! :)  Only thing that took the shine off it from an Ayr point of view was how well St Johnstone were knocking the ball about. Looks like they've maybe turned a corner despite Tommy Wright complaining they've not managed to buy anyone in the transfer window.Whoever marks Scott Tanser on the left wing is going to have to be quick and have their wits about them as is whoever's asked to mark Stevie May and Ally McCann.


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Manager interviews - John always comes across very well even in defeat.



During the game I thought we were in total control and denied them anything. The highlights seem to suggest a much closer game - ICT had a couple of decent chances, a good shout for the first penalty incident in the 2nd half, hit the bar and had a last minute effort cleared off the line - really didn't seem like that during the game.

First 70 minutes was great football and whilst it got us the three points I don't think sitting back for the last 20 minutes is going to work every time - teams will get wise to it but good to have a strategy that has reset the Highland hoodoo the past week. Also football karma after the play off game at Somerset that they got a goal disallowed and a decent penalty shout ignored just in the wrong game.

Only complaint is that Dirnan was puggled with 10 minutes to go - would have been better to bring Mckenzie on for him to run into the corners/stretch them and McCowan/McGuffie on for Forrest. Nitpicking what was a cracking team performance - Moff back defencing on our touchline on more than one occasion shows how hard we work.

Be interesting when Moore is fit again - I think his most effective spell was playing off Jordan Preston - even if we don't do it often it is another option.


Good to hear " Molly Malone" making a comeback !


Great to hear, and singing even before we had scored.