February 25, 2020, 01:59:43


Started by TonyH, January 01, 2020, 20:19:30

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Happy New Year folks, let's hope 2020 is a good one !


Best wishes. Hope we can stay up and establish ourselves in this league, and somehow not lose supporters in droves. ::)

Ian Boswell

Happy New Year everyone. Whatever else it may bring this will surely be a year of vision.


Happy new year to all.

Decent interview with Moff in one of the papers yesterday and he highlighted something that I think we forget - we have not been out of the top 4 since our return to the championship - that is more than 18 months and covers the whole of 2019. Thinking about it further we have not been out of promotion/play off places in whatever division we have been in since July 2017.

I get that a lot of it has been down to others team taking points off each other but by the same token we have done enough to maintain our place despite some poor runs.


Undefeated in 2020,keep it up.W R AYR.