Ayr United vrs Queen of the South

Started by shuggie sproat, December 28, 2019, 17:39:50

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shuggie sproat

Well,it is a crisis in my view after watching that Keich!
Mark Kerr inherited a title challenging team and has contrived to cock it up.First mistake was letting Sandy Stewart depart the scene,there is no substitute for experience in any walk of life and he should have been kept to mentor Mark Kerr, and his assistant who looked today like a rabbit caught in the headlights down on the touch line.The game started with a glorious opportunity for Ayr when Moffat was one on one with their keeper but somehow did not bury the ball in to the back of the net.

Queens raced up the park and won a corner.The ball was soon nestling in the Ayr net from a header from said corner.Ayr were terrible in the first fifteen minutes of the match in my view ,we stood off them and did not compete or win the ball in that period.

We cannot afford to lose home matches like this,just not good enough,I fear the worst,nothing like the team McCall had.


I can see us visiting Edinburgh next season. No not to play Hearts but Edinburgh City.
Team seems to be in freefall. Going for a cheap inexperienced candidate was a stupid error.


If only Moffat had taken that chance in the first minute it could all have been different.
If we're relying on Craig Moore to be our main goal scorer then we're in trouble.
More worried about the teams below us than above us now.

real deal

That was dross utter dross the good work of the past 2 seasons undone in the past 7 weeks I'm not one for kneejerk reactions but we are in a relegation fight

Ian Boswell

A pretty poor performance except for the last 20 minutes or so. Little threat up front. Small wonder we have one win, one draw and five defeats in our last seven games.


I don't know if dropping Docherty was playing to the SRE facebook and P + B mob but we looked much better when he came on. Can only assume Doolan is going as at 2-0 down we bring on an inexperienced option - albeit he scored the equaliser that the linesman didn't see. Think we were denied a penalty in the first as well for a trip on Moffat.

Any idea what McCowan said that riled up El Bakhouti in the first half. Really hope he was just pointing out that he is an injury feigning cheat - although actually that is the least amateur theatrics I have seen from an Alan Johnson team.

Feared the worst when Muirhead stepped up for the penalty but hit it well.

Form a bit worrying but can't get too down as we are generally competing and I think we were in a false position in the Autumn - McCall did state that he expected us to struggle come winter time when still with us.

We were left with a shaky defence so really down to what Kerr does this transfer window.

Maybole Mauler

Another inept performance,until we went 0-2 down. We put a bit more effort in after that and almost got a draw at the end.

Michael Moffat has been one of Ayr's best players in the last decade, but he has failed to convert a number of clear-cut chances when one on one with the 'keeper in the last few weeks, which has cost us points. He used to score with the majority of such chances with ease and needs to start doing so again sooner rather than later, as most of these chances seem to be falling to him at the moment.

We also need to stop conceding avoidable goals at the back. Both QOS goals yesterday were the result of criminal defending.

Where do we go from here? Who knows - a couple of wins in January and we could be secure in the play-off spots, a couple more defeats and we could be in the relegation log jam. Unless we start playing with the same grit and determination we showed in the last 20 minutes yesterday- I fear the latter scenario is the more likely. It also seems unlikely that we can buy our way to success, as I suspect the funding is simply not there.

Happy New Year to the players and to all Honest Men and Lassies everywhere.

real deal

He said in his after match he hoped to bring in 2 or 3 in January


Hopefully one is an experienced coach lol.

real deal

Quote from: Try6Place on December 29, 2019, 18:34:55 Hopefully one is an experienced coach lol.

That should have been as soon as he got the job ridiculous the assistant he got in


Should have had an "old head" assisting him right from the start

shuggie sproat

One win in seven matches by any stretch of the imagination is not generally competing in my humble opinion.

Mark Roberts was surrounded by his pals during his tenure,look where that got us.Ayr and Prestwick combined the tenth largest urban population in Scotland,forty two years since we have been in the top league in our country,absolutely ridiculous.


Stats, league table and form are telling. Management already getting vile abuse, plenty from folk who don't attend games. Everyone's frustrated.Management need proper support at this time.I think a good clear out is required, on and off the field, (not a popular view), too many cliques for too long. Club gives off an unfriendly, old fashioned, greedy air. Should be welcoming and open to suggestions, instead of making more obstacles to even entering the ground. At least other clubs sell tickets next to turnstyles, instead of telling fans to take a hike to a long queue at back of car park. It seems ticketting is coming throughout the game. I know we have been given several options by a club volunteer, but you will always get last minute attendees who fancy a game. It's not helpful telling those unable to download to phone "too old or too thick". This actually is repellant.
End rant.


A lot of your rant is why we have a new youngish director who will actually attend games and be involved much more in the day to day running of the club and hold everyone throughout the club accountable for performance and professionalism from Mark Kerr to the admin staff. I expect that he may end up as chairman with LC still owning the club.

I think Saturday's result has a lot to do with Kerr pandering to the mob and dropping Ross Docherty.

shuggie sproat

New blood on the board is a welcome development, especially of the calibre of the new appointee.Getting rid of the deadwood who were not contributing anything financially to the club was long overdue.They seemed to have more pals up in the directors box as each game went by.