So it begins. Thistle export

Started by shinglis, December 18, 2019, 12:54:15

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So Ross Docherty becomes the 1st player to be confirmed signing for Plastic Thistle, at least we have him till the end of the season. (Signed a 2 year deal with Thistle) Good luck to him in League 1  ;D


Surprised he was the first one cherry picked by McCall. Sad to see him go but we move on. Get Forrest signed up now ! incase he is next.


No doubt will try and get him there in january with a nominal fee.

On a lighter note a thistle fan at work said they are rumoured to be swapping harkins for doolan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Get a fee for Docherty in January and move him on. Sell him and Doolan as a buy one, get one free and use the wages we save to get people who want to play for us.


At least they can't announce it the day before we play them !


If Docherty is moving on then offer Murdoch a contract - ready made replacement.


Am I being cynical?  Was it not McCall who said that pre-contract deals are not worth the paper they are written on and that they only unsettle a player.  This was when McCall was struggling to accept that Dundee United had signed up Liam Smith on a pre-contract deal and then broadcasted it.

Clearly the shoe is on the other foot now.  I personally would strip Docherty of the captains armband and I hope he rips up the contract when Pathetic Thistle get relegated.  Apart from that I wish the lad all the best when he moves on.


Might be legal and player's decision but timing of the "announcement" leaves a bad taste. Still no word on official sites? Poor.
Hopefully we can replace him with better anyhow. Thanks goodbye. Next?


No problem with players going elsewhere but the way this has been handled absolutely stinks


I see Thistle's benefactor Colin Weir sadly has passed away today. I wonder if that will affect their income and ability to nick our players?


Lots of conflicting stories about whether anything had actually been signed and also scope for decision to be challenged by the family but I reckon the intent of the gesture will still happen, club bought and gifted to the fans but I doubt there will be much extra cash forthcoming especially during this window.