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Started by John G, November 19, 2019, 12:00:59

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John G

If the Arbroath game at Auchinleck on Sat was a victim of the weather would our game against them the following Saturday be postponed?
Hope over despair


Good question, but didn't we buy Talbot their covers for the pitch? More worried about our home games getting postponed. What's everyone up to with no fitba?


Weather looks fine for tomorrow, so should go ahead no bother.

I'm off to Barrow v Barnet, Barrow having just gone top of the Conference last week and there is a real buzz around the club right now. After having never had an English team I'm starting to flutter my eyelashes at them!

Then off to Ulverston after the game for the Dickensian Festival, as you do.


Sounds like you have a great weekend planned.  Enjoy.


Shame weather put paid to that. Wonder what happens to all the sponsors and ghastly match pies etc. Seriously, not good for the club's coffers though, not to mention our match fitness! Pity our budget doesn't stretch to sending players on a sunshine team bonding break.


Rearranged for Tuesday 10th


Can't see much of a crowd for this one,having to go to admin portakain for tickets doesn't help, all the onus on the fan, if not using other options.Sadly not able to be confident of a result, who knows what side will turn up, and those attending bound to be vitriolic and impatient. Just hope our chairman and board have heard alarm bells and at least have plans to back rookie management. Need to get rid of crock players Asap.


Couldn't wait to get back to Somerset after the long lay off but not looking forward to this at all now after the last two games.
Fail to win this and the Alloa game and the knives really will be out.


Please just postpone it early.

real deal

Ridiculous no decision been made yet


Game on (I think) going by twitter.


Ian Boswell

OK, we weren't wonderful, but games are decided on goals scored. Ours was legitimate. Looking at the match highlights on YouTube can anyone see that as a penalty? I don't think our man even saw the approach of the Arbroath player who dived in front of him a split second after he kicked the ball out of defence. There were also further instances of free kicks being awarded to Arbroath where you can clearly see either a dive or a foul against the Ayr player. Little wonder Dick Campbell praised the referee in his post-match interview. Did he mean it sincerely, or was he cryptically acknowledging the truth? 

Jeff Vader

I must say that on initial reaction I thought it was a penalty.
I think the conditions ruined the game. We move on to Saturday and a must win game with Alloa. Lose this and I fear we are headed for a relegation battle


If anything it should have been a free kick to us.
There was another incident where TWO of our players were tripped up and the free kick was given to Arbroath !.
I suppose we shouldn't expect anything else from Mr Steven.