Queens game.

Started by shinglis, November 09, 2019, 13:09:16

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Ok a little late with new topic, but optimistic for 3 points today. Don't know why as our recent record against queens is terrible.


Jeff Vader

The sort of game we needed to avoid defeat in if we are to realistically challenge for the league. Our fifth defeat of the league season is a bit disappointing at this stage. Great way to head into a 3 week break from competitive action  :'(



Getting beat at Palmerston is a bit like never beating ICT, it's just what Ayr United do. Great for Dundee United this weekend but rest of the results mean we are really no worse off.

Is Hare-Reid ready to play first team football because at this rate we are going to need to score 3 or 4 every game.

Surprised P + B posters haven't found some way to scapegoat Doolan for our defensive frailty.

Ian Boswell

Do you mean Doohan, or am I failing to get a joke here?


For some reason a lot of the folks on P + B seem to scapegoat Doolan no matter the result or if he got off the bench. Wasn't even on the bench yesterday but no doubt that will be an avenue for criticism.

Doohan very much an inexperienced 19 year old goalkeeper and seems to make costly mistakes - I can sort of forgive the meg for the first one as their player was left unmarked - Houston's fault? Third goal wasn't great though. Wasn't great for either goal at Morton.

Good thing is Celtic have Gordon Marshall at all our games so can maybe try and coach him through this. That all well and good but maybe time to chuck our own young keeper in but I have no idea if he is ready.