Thistle - 2nd Nov.

Started by shinglis, November 01, 2019, 11:16:04

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OK so the big question is, will McCall return the Ayr Utd training gear  ;D

Apart from getting the 3 points would be really good to get the win and keep thistle at the bottom.


Looking at the league table its massive for Partick, they're in danger of becoming adrift in the relegation spots. For us its the chance to go 16 points clear of 10th after a third of the season is done.

At the other end Dundee Utd have a hard game at ICT then its the Dundee derby next Friday.

I'll ignore the fact we're also away to QOS next week  :-X


Dundee getting 3 points last night has helped pile the pressure on us

Forecast: 3 points to the Super Ayr  :D  ;D
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!


Humiliate with extreme prejudice. I think that was mission accomplished.

shuggie sproat

Fantastic result,great goals from Ayr,Craig Moore transformed in to the devastating player he was in his first spell at Ayr.Taking his chances early and striking the ball superbly.I think I should also mention that there was an act of rememberance at Somerset today,however it was a shambles due to a faulty microphone yet again.The clown car at Billy Smarts circus when it comes in to the arena is more professional than what Ayr serves up repeatedly on these occasions.Inept is not the word.Also there was no hot water for drinks initially before the game at the catering kiosk for home supporters below the stand next to the disabled enclosure.It is not rocket science.

real deal

If Moore is only signed until January shouldn't we thinking about an extension ,great result !


As Chick Young said on Sportsound Partick were "Battered and deep fried" !

Jeff Vader

What was the reception like for McCall?


We were sensational. Craig Moore was brilliant


What a performance from the boys today. We were 2-0 up before McCall braved the touchline to a crescendo of boos. We were clinical, our passing was top notch and we looked threatening with every attack. Our defence has also improved, especially defending set plays. Our fans were brilliant today. Sang their hearts out and I'm pretty sure that the guy with the drum still has the shakes. At 4-0 the chants of 'you're getting sacked in the morning' rang around Somerset. Partick looked really poor but our players were out to make a point. Great result from the lads today. On too Dumfries next week with high confidence.


Great to get into the winning habit, and see the squad unity. We are overdue a reasonable result at Palmerston.


Agree on the squad unity - for sixty minutes it was a massive girfuy to McCall from the squad without any assistance from the fans - intensity dropped the last 30 minutes so fans go to show their displeasure. Also Kerr demonstrating that he is not afraid to change things with that formation.

Moore needs a new contract as that was his best performance since Shankland joined the club.

Highly unusual sight of no mass exodus from the away end at 4-0 - no defiant singing, just took it with barely a whimper.

When do they get the new manager bounce - we are now 16 points clear of them have despite having lost 3 of the last 5 games. All looks very similar to when he took over at us, wasted a transfer window and nearly got us relegated to league 2.


Good to get "the occasion" out of the way. Impressive stuff.


P + B seem to have Ayr fans taking umbrage on behalf of the Partick fans regarding the queues on Saturday all sewn up.

Couple of random irritations re McCall - wasn't afraid to make an early sub and tactical change on Saturday - when did he ever do that at Ayr when things weren't going well? Is it Partick's superior resources that allow him to do that?

At half time the Partick subs had a structured warm up with a coach - as an aside nice to see our subs actually doing something organised - again is that Partick's superior resources - I mean we only had a Ranger first team coach sitting on the bench most games during McCall's first two and a half seasons. 

Balloon Boy

there was indeed a fairly mass exodus at 4-0, in fact I think they had to get the gate opened for them when it was pointed out its not normally open so early, anyway get it up them in their relegation battle...