Dunfermline - 16th November

Started by John G, October 15, 2019, 15:45:23

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John G

I see the next game for Scotland u21's is on Friday 15th November so would expect we would ask for a postponement of this game.
Hope over despair


Quote from: John G on October 15, 2019, 15:45:23 I see the next game for Scotland u21's is on Friday 15th November so would expect we would ask for a postponement of this game.

would agree - no postponement requested for the Wrexham game but the league is more important so probably justified to request a postponement.


Can we afford to lose the Saturday matchday income though?


October 31, 2019, 17:14:51 #3 Last Edit: October 31, 2019, 17:19:28 by TonyH
In the Morton post-match interview Mark Kerr talked about us having an extra week off after the QOS game ( no game on 23rd ) due to our three lads being called up.
Sounded like he was happy to have more time for injured players to recover.

Balloon Boy

I wonder how long it will be before Luke McCowan is also called up, he has been outstanding this season....

Ian Boswell

Poor performance this evening. Doohan and Docherty played well and pass marks to Harvie and Roscoe. The rest were disappointing, none more so than Alan Forrest. Too much punt and hope for the best from too many players.


That was awful.
Didn't seem to have any ideas other than boot it up the park and hope for the best.

shuggie sproat

We should not be losing these games at home.An indifferent start to Mark Kerr's tenure I feel.We fell away last season over the festive period,will it happen again?.


Kerr always was the cheap option and it's beginning to show.


Don't think Mark Kerr was the problem, as the players available to him, that would have been the team that I would have picked.  The long lay off was more to do with it and the team having an off night.  I always feel if Luke McCowan has a poor game then we are normally poor.  Since he was not available for that game or the ICT game, I will not be expecting too much.

Can't understand how the Dunfermilne player only got a yellow card for his horrendous two footed tackle, just before half-time.  Might have made it a more competitive second half if they only had 10 men, since we were missing so many.


At this rate Kevin Nisbet and Lawrence Shankland will be trying to fire us to Euro 2020.

For Nisbets sake lets hope it isn't raining.


He's sure found his shooting boots. Different player to the one we got. :(