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Started by weejoe, September 19, 2019, 12:59:56

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Well the circus starts again!  Partick Thistle sack Gary Caldwell and the printed media have Ian McCall as the favourite to be the new Partick Thistle manager.

I am aware that McCall has an association with Partick Thistle and he is very friendly with Gerry Britton and the Partick board.  But this is unsettling for our team.

I have to ask why would Ian McCall want to take the Partick job.  He has been there before and done that.  It is a club which never seems far away from some final disaster.  Where as at Ayr he is building something special here, top end of the Championship for a second season and claims to have a great relationship with the chairman.

Leave our team and manager alone!


Does he not spend a lot of his time in the West End? Managing and living near the local team may be fine when things are going well but could be unbearable if not. With Ayr he can keep his workplace far from his social life.

Working from home is overrated anyway  ;D


Being objective taking the Partick job makes limited sense given their league position, off the field uncertainty and being unable to do anything about the team until January.

Subjectively they are a bigger club, with higher expectations, his son is a season ticket holder etc etc.

McCall seemed to imply at the pre-season sponsorship auction or was it the q and a - can't remember - that he owes a massive personal debt to LC for turning his life around so that will also be a factor.

Just need to see how it pans out. If McCall stays I think we will need a news striker - Doolan heavily tipped to be their new managers assistant or involved as a coach. Whilst he hasn't set the heather on fire would be the loss of another experienced option from the squad.


I thought there might be more posts on this when I logged on as I hear that Ian McCall has been offered the Thistle job. He has spoken to them. Archibald would be his number 2 if he accepts. He will make a decision in the next 24 hours

My thoughts are that he has unfinished work at Ayr. He is building a team to get to the Premier, and stay in the league. He is loved by the fans, players and everyone involved with Ayr

We will know his decision soon

Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!


Sad to see him go if he does but money talks and maybe Ayr can't satisfy his ambition.
Having said that I doubt a move to Partick will end other than in the sack(again)


Remember when we used to moan about our managers only ever being sacked and players leaving us for the juniors - if McCall goes then at least he/we can point to that as his legacy. Unlike 2015 we are an attractive managerial proposition.

I think his boy will convince him to take it.

If he does leave I have plenty of ideas who I don't want (Coyle, Adams, Mcintyre, Houston, Duffy, McCann etc) but no idea who I do

Jeff Vader

I don't mind either way if he stays or goes. He has a job at Ayr as long as LC is chairman, but he may want a new challenge. He's done great for us but a new manager could take us to the next level on and off the park. But I don't know who that could be either!


Also McCall got the best out of Shankland without making him wear a bra - keep the shirt on next time you score an injury time winner.

Stan the Man

Sorry,am I missing something here or is McCall not under contract.
If he is under contract then why has the board not done a 'Clyde' and refused Partick permission to speak to him,end of!!


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Quote from: Stan the Man on September 22, 2019, 11:47:19 Sorry,am I missing something here or is McCall not under contract.
If he is under contract then why has the board not done a 'Clyde' and refused Partick permission to speak to him,end of!!

That's what annoys me.
Clyde said no and gave their manager a new contract, we say " aye, go ahead".

There's also the chance of McCall trying to sign our best players for Partick.


Hope that I am right here but the way I see it is that McColl would not refuse Thistle outright as he does have affections towards them. There are huge financial problems at Thistle and that is why I think Lennon/Clyde said no. McColl is building a team that are being recognized for the way they are playing and he has a very good relationship with the players. McColl, hopefully, will announce he is staying at Ayr while not dismissing the Thistle job from the outset. really hope that I am right with this one.


Well I was wrong. Gutted by this and although he has lifted Ayr over 5 years I think he is a scumbag. He was festering in his pit when Lachlan gave him a new hope. He has Ayr playing great football and sitting top of the league yet he has chosen to leave. Surely not because his son is a Firhill season ticket holder. Thistle are in trouble and I hope they will be relegated, Ayr promoted and every time he comes back to Somerset gets booed for 90 minutes. Bit strong maybe but that is how I feel. Partick being the bigger club is also not an argument as far as I am concerned.


Always had mixed feelings about him underwhelmed first couple of seasons, but totally won me over the last couple. Wasn't around for any of the clubs "glory" days so that 5-0 at Tannadice is the best ever result for me but six weeks later we had our worst ever result against Talbot.

My personal summary:

His first few months he wasted a transfer window and despite having four months we narrowly avoided being in the league 2 play off on the last day- albeit he inherited a mess but starting with contract extensions for Gilmour and Donald and sticking with Hutton were really bad decisions.

First full season season, built expectations by rebuilding the team and whilst not good enough for title won promotion via the play offs albeit in unconvincing style. Understood why he couldn't turn down Stevo but his signing screwed things up for us.

Second full season being honest I would have binned him at season end. Aimless summer long pursuit of players who didn't sign meant we went with Forrest up front on his own playing high balls. Wasted January window, signing the underwhelming El Alagui in February, honking football, fluking a 1-0 win at home to Raith who had Stevo in nets, starting the season with Donald and Gilmour still in the team and going down with a whimper.

Third full season, complete 360 stops stops buying into the wee Ayr United pish with full time football and whilst we seemed to engage in a competition with raith to try and not win the league, played glorious attacking football, with a comedy goalkeeper to keep it interesting and turned the career of Lawrence Shankland around. Title win in that manner was just madness.

Fourth full season has a right go at the Championship playing attacking football, and whilst we ran out of steam - last summer/Autumn where we/Shankland routinely ripped the mince out of teams who have largely owned us for 30-40 years is one of my most enjoyable times as an Ayr fan.

This season, the Stranraer game aside has been even better than last summer/autumn as it has been a genuine team effort with limited resources with some great young players involved and without the reliance on a Roy of the Rovers type.

One thing through all of it I think he has been a wee bit too loyal to serially injured players and also let some stay on too long. Also his record on youth players isn't great - McCowan only real own player to come through as jury very out on McGuffie and favours other clubs academy players.

Also, K*ll*e game aside we never did anything unexpected in the cups except lose to Talbot.

Sad to see him go, leaves us in a much better place than where we had been for much of the preceding 15 years but we move on.

No idea who we should appoint but I will add Yogi to the list of please no's. Please no left field appointments (some ex old firm player with zero experience\failed everywhere experience) and no player manager or internal appointments unless it is Sandy Stewart. Also strangely in a position where I can't think of anyone in the lower leagues who I would consider.

Billy Davies it is then.


Well McCall has left the building. I can't for the life of me see why he has gone there. But hey ho!
Good luck to him, he has left us in a better state than he found us, thanks to the last two and a half seasons, it was great. But Ayr United is bigger than Ian McCall.
This is a chance for David Moyes to return to football management and to raise his profile and do a Stevie Clark with us. Onwards and upwards.
Common the Ayr!


Lets be honest..the second half of last season was a train crash. If it wasn't for the first half McCall would have had plenty of leisure time to consider the Thistle job.
McCall is great at taking clubs to a certain standard and then no further. I think he reached that stage with Ayr.


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Sandy Stewart in charge to end of season with maybe Moff as assistant?  See how he does. When was the last time we were looking for a new manager other than when he had been dismissed or left by mutual consent?  Also, why is Tucker Sloan never mentioned, given his record with Talbot?  Just asking!


So disappointed hence my earlier outburst. Fans and media alike are loving the way that we are playing at the moment. When you think we are getting somewhere it feels like the rug is pulled from under you. If Sandy Stewart and Mark Kerr are going to looking after them then hopefully the style of play will remain the same. Wonder how much we will get in compensation from Thistle and how much they will have given him for a player budget as I thought they were skint.

real deal

Quote from: Halfwayline on September 23, 2019, 14:33:22 Sandy Stewart in charge to end of season with maybe Moff as assistant?  See how he does. When was the last time we were looking for a new manager other than when he had been dismissed or left by mutual consent?  Also, why is Tucker Sloan never mentioned, given his record with Talbot?  Just asking!

I heard Tucker mentioned as an early rumour last night

mark me3

Lets forget about Tucker , we require someone to keep us in this league, he would have no pulling power when it comes to signing players.

Why not push the boat out and go for mccoist and durrant? or chris Aitken and Durrant?
Steven Presley?

Big D