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Started by shinglis, September 11, 2019, 11:30:51

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Ok, it's just a minor game on Saturday, I'm not looking forward to the Ayr fans reception of Shankland, which I'm assuming is not going to be positive which personally I think will be disappointing.

Regards the game, with some key players returning, taking a current positive outlook and can't see why we can't get something from the game, probably at best a draw but considering they have won every game so far, that's a positive result.

match prediction 1-1

John G

I will also be disappointed if LS gets a poor reception. He plays football for money and we could not offer anywhere near what he is now on.
Many did not think he would sign for us last season so I think he has already shown loyalty for giving him a chance the season before.
Hope over despair


Who knows, in the future he may lose his way in the game again and find himself in a position where a return to Ayr is possible.

Lets not undo the good reputation the fans earned from last Saturday.

Ian Boswell

Frankly it would be disgraceful for the Ayr support to give LS a bad reception on Saturday. He served us well last season, no more so than in the 0 - 5 result at Tannadice. On the whole I think he will be given a fair reception by the great majority of Ayr fans. We should also expect him to be doing his utmost to score against us - it's his job after all.

All that said, "'Mon Ayr!!!"


Two way street, I accept that he is just doing his job and not expecting him to not celebrate if he scores, just don't wind folks up by gesturing etc - us not having wound him up before that helps -  and most folks will be alright - the Moff always got a decent reception and when he scored against us and didn't over celebrate.

Wonder how all the pundits who claim "he is, with no disrespect to Ayr United, playing with better players now" - seems to ignore the 0-5 at Tannadice - would take it if we win.

Kelly to score the winner from outside the box and Shankland to miss from the spot.

Alternatively a 5-0 home reverse with Shankland not getting on the scoresheet.


Anyone know of any truth of the signing of Paul Caddis. I'm guessing with the recent injuries additional cover is required but obviously Lachan stretching the purse strings if true. 


Stats against Dundee Utd only goal difference separating the teams.You cannot see attachments on this board.


2 nil Ayr. Speechless we seem to be grinding out the results in a very workmanlike fashion.
Only downside was Shankland didn't score.....naw no really

Ian Boswell

I thought we played superbly today. The win was thoroughly deserved. Moffat was well worth MoM, as were several other players. Celebration drink here I come!


Great day to be an Ayr fan on the 50th anniversary weekend of a special day



Cracking game - based on what I have seen so far that is the two best teams in the league. Dundee United look much better than last season.

Great performance by all - Moffat showing Shankland who the daddy is - can we send Harvie away to the u21's every week as he was immense. The thus far unheralded Roscoe barely gave the best striker in the league a sniff. A threadbare squad getting that kind of result and playing with that kind of elan is what makes it all worth while.

Only downside why were we baiting Shankland at the end - "Lawrence what's the score" would have been a lot less w*nky way of making the point  than calling him a b*stard.

mark me3

great result and team performance best display I have witnessed in a long time.


Also top quality wind up by McCall in the post match interview.

real deal

On my hols and missed it gutted!