Coming to Wrexham?

Started by WrexhamFoodFestival, September 04, 2019, 10:00:58

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I thought I would post to welcome those heading to Wrexham this weekend, and point you towards the big Wrexham Food Festival that is also taking place. So if you are staying over and are looking for something to do before (open from 10am) or after the game, or on the Sunday, head to the big field in the town centre (postcode LL12 7AB).

Sat evening will have some live music from a few cracking local bands, plus some Wrexham Lager and more ;D

Weather is due to be decent, so hopefully a nice weekend away for you all!

Give the Festival a follow on  / etc to see whats what as it all gets built over the next few days. More info on

Anyone with any questions about the town, area or club I will lurk about and hopefully be able to help out.

Alex, Sam (and Rob / Kieran!)


Thanks for sharing info - so looking forward to the weekend, not the football.  ;D