Somerset Road Problems

Started by Ayr Apparent, August 04, 2019, 17:40:28

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Ayr Apparent

As the club work hard to establish the new electronic ticketing system, a long-standing problem is being further highlighted due to the queues building at the turnstiles on the corner of Somerset Road and Tryfield Place.

Saturday was the best example of an accident just waiting to happen, thanks to people having no choice but to stand in the middle of the road while impatient drivers show a real reluctance to even slow down to get past. The woman driver sounding her horn at people in the queue just took the situation to a new, ludicrous high.

As for after-match parking in the road directly outside the ground, while traffic continues driving through hundreds of spectators trying to get to the safety of the pavements, it beggars belief that this is allowed to continue.

Is it going to take a serious injury to someone before the authorities address this situation ? Surely police and the club could get together and agree to close Somerset Road between Walker Road and Hawkhill Avenue from 2 pm till 5 pm on matchdays.


From a source inside the club a few of the turnstile operators have quit due to the hassle and abuse they have received the previous two weeks. Something like 15 operators were hired for yesterdays game and only three turned up - after some brief scrambling about a few more were rounded up and briefly shown what to do. A couple of them proceeded to f*ck about with the scanners and changed a setting meaning that valid tickets were rejected - I believe that if the QR code is scanned and rejected the ticket becomes void and a new one needs issued. All of this contributed to the queues.

Discussed at the game and could manning the turnstiles not be something the non-first team academy players do so as it is the same folks doing it each week - it could somehow be spun into a hospitality management SVQ. Failing that and I hate to see self service replacing jobs but could we have just an automated scanner at the turnstiles and one to two people keeping an eye on them/folks trying to get in as concessions.

Some old boy queued for five minutes unaware that you can't pay cash - got the front of the queue and had to go to the shop. Could the stewards be asked to walk up the lines and remind everyone that you need a ticket.

Don't think the police are at the games but surely they have a responsibility to manage traffic on public roads. If they can't could we have stewards at least making sure that cars are not parking in the area immediately around the ground before and after the match. Also noticed that Falkirk/Morton supporters buses were dropping off/picking up at the southern end of Somerset Road which is madness in such narrow streets