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Started by shinglis, July 30, 2019, 11:11:16

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No surprise, going to be a long hard season but with an optimistic outlook, going to predict Ayr finish 4th again this season.

so here my final table.


Unless our defence is sorted out. I think 7th is probably a more likely scenario.

Maybole Mauler

I agree with Dick - unless the coaches sort out our goalkeeper and defenders, in particular when defending corners and free kicks we are going to have to score 2 or 3 goals a game to even get a draw.

The same problem was there for all to see last season and nothing seems to have been done to rectify it, in fact, on the evidence of Saturday's game with Stranraer, it seems to have got even worse. To stand like statues when two identical corners came in and let the same defender head it in is totally unforgiveable.

It has also been evident that we seem to have a decent first half in most games and lose the plot in the second half. This happened in several games in the latter part of last season and the same thing happened on Saturday and to a certain extent against a 10-man Falkirk the week before. Is there a fitness issue? I don't know, but this tendency to fade in the second half of games cost us a lot of points last season and again on Saturday against a part-time team who had a hard game on the Tuesday night, when we had no game.

With regard to predictions for the coming league season- I think it is essential we get off to a decent start to build confidence. If we do - I think we could finish 5th or 6th. If not, we could easily find ourselves in a relegation scrap.


Difficult to gauge how things will go as we are reliant on too many injury prone players - given the current shortage of funds for new faces, offering Moore a contract when he won't be fit until September was bonkers. According to posters on P + B the regularly injured Adams is somehow our saviour.

On a positive note at least McCall recognises that the formation is not working. We will get to the latter stages of the Challenge Cup with a non-Scottish away day. We will get put out of the Scottish Cup by Falkirk or a championship club with no fans.

I think we will be in the bottom half and flirt with relegation at times but finish 7th or 8th. We will lose to Arbroath at home, but take 6 or more points off them. In a massive turn up for the books we will take 6 points form the away games in Inverness.

Harvie to surprise us by not taking on the vacancy of scapegoat available since Crawford/McDaid left. After a hard fought battle between McGuffie/Forrest/Doolan/Ferguson, it is decided it is all Ferguson's fault whenever we lose.

Doohan to be found out as being more Craig Samson than Craig Gordon. Someone on here to compare him to Jordan Hart on a regular basis any time we lose goals. Moffat to get his hundred Ayr goals and finish top scorer ahead of Luke McCowan.

One of the Dundee clubs to implode and finish in the bottom half. Arbroath to be top in September and finish bottom in May. Dunfermline to mount a surprising title challenge.

real deal

My predictions
I'm not bothering wasting my dosh going because seemingly we are going to be s%%%e
Dundee to win the league and that bellend Neilson will be sacked


6th in the league,and a nice wee run in the scottish cup.

Jeff Vader

Fear we will be in the bottom  3 but hope we can somehow find some form and challenge for the top 4.


if we can get a good start and some good points early then I think we will be a good mid-table 5th / 6th. Fail to get a good start, the team loses morale, fans get (even more) aggressive then predict a relegation dog fight ultimately losing in the playoffs.


For me it all depends on how quickly we find our formation.  What we have at the moment is not working.  Defensively we are weak.  Midfield, Stranraer bullied and bull dozed over the top of us. As for up top we are dependant on youth, McCowan and Kelly to open the opposition up and to take their chances.  So far Kris Doolan has been missing in action and for us to have success we need a ruthless Moff.  Passing along the 6 yard box is all to common.  Moff put your boot through it.

Rant over.  My prediction is 8th with a game to go.

real deal

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Quote from: shinglis on July 30, 2019, 11:11:16 No surprise, going to be a long hard season but with an optimistic outlook, going to predict Ayr finish 4th again this season.

so here my final table.

Don't get the Arbroath love in no way will be 6th that's utter garbage no offence, though I'm glad where you put us


QuoteDon't get the Arbroath love in no way will be 6th that's utter garbage no offense, though I'm glad where you put us

Not so much an Arbroath love in, more just think a good well-organised team that will be difficult to beat. Also, a new team in the league so other teams take some time to adjust playing them. Just reckon they will get some early points on the table and hover above the relegation zone for the best part of the season. Anyway, that's just my random thoughts.


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I think we'll struggle because we won't have Shanklands goals and the surprise factor we had last season has gone.

I'm hoping that Alloa post Jim Goodwin, will also struggle and maybe Dobbie won't be as prolific this season so there's 2 sides we could finish above. I reckon 6th or 7th.


Right after Saturday I want to change my prediction.  I thought we created lots of chances and after 1 game I am predicting a top 4 finish.

Jeff Vader

Love the optimism, Joe! Would be great if we can keep the momentum going at Dens this weekend. Big test there.