Started by dickmalone, July 20, 2019, 17:05:06

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Never doubted Doohan for a minute (cough cough).
Seemed a hard game but well done in the end.


Disappointing performance today. Our touch was poor all over the park and Falkirk outplayed us for the majority of the game. We were fortunate to get the win. The grass was either too long or hadn't been watered enough because the majority of our passes were short and didn't reach the man. Man of the match goes to our mascot for the unfurling of the welsh flag during a rendition of Delilah. Brilliant stuff.

Hoping for a more crisp and organised performance next Saturday against Stranraer who always give us a tough game..

real deal

Might not have played well but it's a good result that's a decent Falkirk team


A wee bit disjointed at times but don't think we played that badly although not convinced about the formation. Falkirk look like they would be a decent championship side. Think Doohan could have done better at Livvy in midweek but great save at the penalty and some composed commanding goalkeeping when under pressure late on.

Kelly a great box to box performance and I like that his first thought when 20/25 yards out is to look to make space to shoot rather than who can he pass to.


I thought Ayr played well enough and yes at times we huffed and puffed a bit, but it is still early in the season. I do believe it would have been a travesty if we had lost that game. 

It was inevitable that they would get a penalty as Declan McManus through himself to the ground like a 5 year old not getting their way at the pick and mix counter, every time they came forward and he was in the box.   

I am impressed with the start that McCowan and Kelly have made so far.  The period on loan for McGuffie has helped his game and he looks a greater threat than Forrest. 

Not too sure about the centre backs and I think we look like a team who can leak goals, so Ross Doohan will be so much important this season.


Cammy Bell's dive at our second goal is quite spectacular !


That is worst shape I have seen Cammy Bell in.  It took me back to Simon Stainrod days.


Apologies for the delay. I'll try and get up to speed for the league campaign!