Betfred Cup - Berwick Away.

Started by shinglis, July 11, 2019, 09:27:13

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So the season starts this weekend with Berwick away, not even going to predict the starting line up as not sure who else we might sign up before the game (goalie would be nice).

Any predictions or thoughts for the game.

Many happy memories of winning the league at Berwick and celebrating in Newcastle. Now that was some weekend.


Apparently deserved to go down last season and now non-league. We are full time so should win but I never thought we would lose to a junior team, albeit a very good one, when sitting 2nd in the championship. As scapegoats for that day McDaid and Moore are not be involved surely we will win.

My happy memories of '97 were an inexplicable mom performance by that complete dumpling Marc Humphries and drinking some horrible punch out of the 2nd division/League 1 trophy in Centrum after the super long return journey home - Greg Hood leading the the whole drunken squad in a rousing "we F*cking hate K*ll*e" also impressive as was the look of complete and utter bewilderment on Alain Horace's face that whole evening. Happy days indeed.


No doubt about it, this has to be an Ayr win.

Don't care if not quality football or win by a high margin, will happily take a scrappy 1-0 victory at the moment, but if we want to progress out of the group, the 3 points will be crucial. 


Who is sub goalie if as it looks like Hare-Reid starts and Doohan hasn't been signed?

real deal

Quote from: ghostofjimmysmith on July 12, 2019, 15:11:02 Who is sub goalie if as it looks like Hare-Reid starts and Doohan hasn't been signed?
Think we know the answer to that now


Well 7 nil...dont think there is too much to complain about.

real deal

Agree and hopefully a wee confidence booster tougher tests ahead


Great start to the season; the Squad has taken shape with a really good blend of experience and young players with the opportunity to shine. The Manager, Chairman and Directors deserve a great deal of credit for getting us into a position where we can look ahead with confidence.


Berwick Rangers 0 Ayr United 7 is a club record away win in the League Cup. Now sitting on 599 League Cup goals.


Berwick look to be in terminal decline so expected win but 7-0 against anybody is a fantastic result. Most pleasing aspect for me is McCowan seems to have carried his form forward from the last 3-4 games of last season - his first is a cracking goal.

After the underwhleming end to last season great to have another July Sunday of firing on the youtube highlights of us horsing someone in the Bet Fred Cup - scored about 10% of those league cup goals in the last couple of years.

The real jolly

Some great fast attacking entertaining football,hope we continue to play like this as long punts do nothing for us.You have to hand it to McCall as his teams want to entertain ,not for him the stevie Clarke pish that unfortunately seems to be effective in Scotland .Im sure McCall is aware that we will need a bit of did and height to combat the hammer throwers of Inverness and the like .Guys with great skill and tricks like Mcguffie ,mccowan don't come along often just hope these boys make the most of it because teams must fear playing against them.