Cumnock Tournament

Started by TonyH, July 10, 2019, 21:03:54

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For anyone not going to Berwick, our Reserves are playing in the Lucky 7 tournament at Townhead Park on Saturday and Sunday against Cumnock Juniors, Stranraer and BSC Glasgow.
Games at 12.00 and 2.30 both days.


We play BSC Glasgow at 2.30 on Saturday.
£5 entry for both days.


Thanks for sharing @TonyH - good alternative if not heading to Berwick.

The real jolly

How did the young team do ?


From AU Media
Saturday saw them play an experienced and strong BSC Glasgow team from the Lowland League. BSC Glasgow won 2-0

Sunday saw the Reserves play Stranraer Reserves. A strong performance from Ayr resulted in a 9-1 victory with Mark McKenzie scoring 5, Brian Conner scoring 3 and Kaylum Ferguson scoring 1

The squad for the tournament was:
Hare Reid, Graham, Kirkland, Hewitt, Thorburn, Love, Baird, Ecrepont, McFadden, L Miller, Nohar, Fraser, Ferguson, Bilham, McKenzie, Connor, McKee and A Miller


The BSC game was actually 3-0.
Thought they done OK considering BSC are one of the better Lowland League teams and it was literally men against boys.