Season Tickets.. 19/20 Season.

Started by shinglis, June 18, 2019, 12:58:45

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So Ayr United join the majority of other clubs and start to operate a match ticket system hope all goes well for the 1st home game and the season in general.

QuoteWe are delighted to confirm that our season tickets for 2019/20 are now on sale. This will be our first year with Total Tickets which will now make the process of watching Ayr United easier than ever before.

We now have gate scanning technology which means you will never be handing over cash at the turnstile and whether you have a season ticket or single match ticket you can use your phone to gain access.

This will also improve the situation for cup games as season ticket holders will now have the option to reserve their own seats.

To buy a season ticket click on the Tickets link on our website.

When buying a season ticket you will receive a confirmation email which will explain that your season ticket will now be available on your phone and you will also be able to pick up a season ticket card from the club shop.

If you are looking for a season ticket for the terracing then simply select the terracing option and the type of season ticket you are looking for.

Link to purchase tickets :

Jeff Vader

Wonder what the target is for this season. Anyone know how many we sold last year? Thanks


No idea we have had our best league position in years which should be a positive but key players have left and the run in was underwhelming as evidenced by the poor turnout for the home play off game.

Folks also holding off to see who we sign but potentially limiting signings by folks holding off.

I think 900 is an achievable target - maybe need to emphasize that there is a lot more faffing about if you just rock up on the day.


The link doesn't seem to work properly on my old Windows 7 work PC.

Not sure I can complain to the IT department about this issue though  8)


I ordered via my Windows 10 phone instead. For those not quite sure the zip file attachment in the confirmation email contains the pdf file that has the QR code which needs to be scanned at the turnstiles. I don't think it says this anywhere.

This is initially slightly more complicated than handing over voucher 1 at the gate.

However its a lot easier to get a card from the shop once purchased which is what I'm doing.


Afraid you lot got me lost with all this tech talk,i am a 60s kid.


Aye aye, bet you're a silver surfing influencer!


Seems to be great debate on the SRE Facebook page about what a disaster this will be. Personally i think it was invetiable that the club would move to such as system and remove cash from the turnstiles in the same manner that so many other clubs have done. Entry queues should be smaller as entry is straight forward but the time to rotate the turnstilles will be the same as for the queue for game tickets only time will tell. Given you can get tickets online should help.

QuoteOn a matchday tickets will be sold at a designated area next to the club shop - a ticket must be purchased before entering the ground. Alternatively you will be able to purchase single match tickets online.



Help needed.i have downloaded the ayr utd scanner,it is asking me for email id and a password.still i need to regester with the club.


You should have received an e mail with your Id and password



The "information superhighway" from 1995 called and asked for it's ticketing web site back. I assume that we got this very cheap. I'm not just being  resistant to change I work in the IT/software industry and the user experience sucks.

Why on earth did we not but something primarily app based.

Unfortunately beyond my capabilities but got to be some scope for a user friendly app based centralised Scottish football ticketing app where you can buy e-tickets for any game at any ground.

Jeff Vader

Quote from: Jeff Vader on June 18, 2019, 21:39:34 Wonder what the target is for this season. Anyone know how many we sold last year? Thanks

Feels funny to quote myself ;- )

In the recent commercial update video Graeme Miller said we have sold approx 600 seasons so far and is hopeful we will match last season's total of over 1000. If so that would be great.