2019 / 2020 Players In - Out.

Started by shinglis, May 29, 2019, 08:56:36

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Its worth reading some of the comments about Ian McCall's expression  ;D


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McCall looks like he's going to thump anyone who goes near him !
Going by his AU media interview McCall sounds very confident that Doohan will be back.

Ian Boswell

I see we have signed ex-Partick Thistle striker Kris Doolan. See club website.


Welcome to the Super Ayr Frank Ross on a 6 month loan from Aberdeen FC.

Would be good to see more of this


What is happening with this one as announced as a done deal on Monday but McCall in AP saying it is highly likely?

Maybole Mauler

Stephen Kelly signs on loan from Rangers. He seems highly rated at Ibrox, hopefully, he will do us a turn in midfield during the season.

I must admit I'm not a fan of loan signings, especially after the two we signed in the January window last season(Cadden & Miller), who were average at best.

Hopefully, we'll sign an experienced 'keeper in the next few days and we'll be all set for a decent season.


Lad is highly rated by the folks I have spoken to that follow Rangers so on that basis looks a decent signing.

Only slightly jarring thing for me, and not draping a cloak on negativity just bellyaching, is that LC said in the facebook chat that complying with Project Brave requirements is a significant financial drain on the club - yet when we are short of bodies we bring in other clubs 19 year olds.

At what point do we start to set some expectations on the academy relationship that is more than one player making a first team breakthrough every other year - being generous on that as McGuffie and McCowan still works in progress - even someone over 5 foot 8 coming through the academy would be progress.


Heard this about Stephen Kelly from a R*****s fan at the work this morning
Yes very highly rated, midfield player, maybe a bit on the light side but we will see
He played a few games towards the end of last season

Sounds a promising signing
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!

real deal

Ross Doohan back in season loan great news


Great to see  Doohan finally confirmed



Moore officially signs until the end of next season


Michael Hewitt recalled from loan at  Kilwinning Rangers


Looks like we are getting 2 on loan from ipswitch.


Drinan signed on loan from Ipswich and in squad for tomorrow. Ipswich midfielder not getting signed. Possibly another midfielder signing if a deal can be agreed and also a deal has been done with Rangers to take Jordan Houston full-time......if Jordan agrees.

Big D


Quote from: Big D on January 23, 2020, 15:24:47 Houston signed for 2 years

Just to add credit the efforts of the AU500 club which shows how regardless of how small or large it is making a difference.

Kerr Comments -
QuoteI would like to thank not only our Board of Directors but the AU500FUND who's recent donation to the club contributed to being able to make this deal happen."


It's all looking promising. Pleased for Kerr, squad hopefully taking shape.