2019 / 2020 Players In - Out.

Started by shinglis, May 29, 2019, 08:56:36

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Ok time to start a new thread for players movements, rumors etc.

Starting point being :

UNDER CONTRACT ( 8 ): Ecrepont, Ferguson, Harvie, Muirhead, Docherty, McGuffie, Murdoch, Forrest

OUT OF CONTRACT (14): Hare-Reid, Adams, Bell, Geggan, Higgins, Crawford, Faulds, Hilton, Kerr, McCowan, McDaid, Moffat, Moore, Shankland

LEAVING (5): Rose (Coventry City), Smith (Dundee United), Doohan (end of loan), Miller (end of loan), Cadden (end of loan)

Update -
Leaving - McDaid, Higgins
Resigned - Kerr, Bell



Moffat and Geggan signed for another year



Declan McDaid signs a 2 year deal with Dundee. A bit disappointed to hear this, as Dundee is not a move up from Ayr United. You only have to look at how we humped them last season.

Jeff Vader

I think it's a good move for McDaid, bigger club, presumably more money and a fresh start.


Typical mercurial lower league winger. Maybe Dundee can coach him to consistently take on and beat his man but I don't think it is there.

Harvie and Geggan/new rb know what to do when we play against them to make him withdraw into his shell.

Really hope Shankland to them as well is just hot air.


I am not of the opinion that Dundee are a bigger club than Ayr.  They have a wee bit a parachute money to offer players a better contract.  This will be short term. If they don't go straight back up they will end up in the doldrums of Scottish football.


Sorry I have to disagree Dundee average attendance this season 6024, last season 5987. Our average 2157 this season versus 1588 last season.

Had so many shysters in charge but have been up and down from the premier league about 10 times since we were last up there, played in Europe etc etc. Total shock we were challenging for the title last season and finishing 4th and reaching play offs was seen as an achievement. That would be a disappointing season for Dundee.

Personally don't think McDaid is premier quality so this was probably, other than Dundee United the biggest club he could have gone to. Good luck to him, but I think he is too inconsistent to be a roaring success, but maybe the better coaching inevitable with a bigger budget will see him kick on. Would have been going wtf if he had moved to Morton, QOS etc as that is in no way a big move.

Shankland a mix of too good for the championship/needs to prove himself at a higher level so will be serious wtf if he joins someone in our league.

Crawford another enigma. I have no idea if he is as good as he will get or better coaching would see him adding goals/killer passing to his game. Be less wtf if he moved to Morton, QOS etc if he said he just needed a change.


Okay ghostof jimmysmith, I take your point about Dundee, well presented and I have to agree with you. I will now climb back in my box.

I just felt McDaid would have moved onto something bigger.  I have to agree that last season there were too many indifferent performances.

Crawford, I think he is as good as he is going to get as I believe he is 27/28 ish.

Good luck to the both of them.

I see Nicky Devlin is coming back to Scotland and has signed with Livingston.


One of the joys of the game is that we see things differently and are allowed to disagree :D

I actually think that your disappointment that a player left us for Dundee and not someone better is refreshing compared to where we were just a couple of years back.


Wikipedia updated quickly. Think the last couple of sentences came from a source other than McCall   :)

On the 13th June 2019, Ian McCall has moved to make Sam his first signing of the summer transfer window by adding Aberdeen defender Sam Roscoe to the Championship title challengers. Ian said: "Sam is a left sided centre back who has a serious presence about him. We needed a replacement for Michael Rose and Sam is a different type of player. He has played almost a full season at Championship level and did very well. We have got him on a 2 year contract and are absolutely delighted to get the deal over the line. Sam is over the moon about joining Ayrshires biggest club. This season we will steamroller our way to the Premier League and Sam will be rock solid in defence. I just hope that Kilmarnock FC go in the opposite direction"

real deal


Crawford away, probably the best thing for his own career.
Be interesting to see where he goes, good luck to him.

real deal

Leon Murphy on loan to Stranraer until January


Maybole Mauler

Good luck to Robbie, he's been a loyal player over many seasons. It will be interesting to see how he does at a Premier League club. as he really didn't contribute too much last season in the Championship, except hard work closing down in midfield. I don't think he scored any goals or had many assists either.

It should be an interesting game against Livingstone on 16 July with both Robbie and Nicky Devlin playing against us.

The Manager needs to crack on now to get in about 5 or 6 new players, in particular, an experienced goalkeeper and some firepower upfront. It won't be easy with our limited spending power, but I'm sure an experienced Manager like Ian McCall will not let us down.

Can't wait for next season to start, as Saturdays are very dull at the moment.

Ayr Apparent

Ayr's midfield players will be shaking in their shoes at the prospect of a match against Livingston, with Robbie running alongside them, threatening to tackle but never quite getting around to it.

I always viewed Robbie as having real potential but I've listened to successive managers saying he needs to add goals to his game. Unfortunately, he hasn't managed to do that in the past six seasons. In more recent years I've found it increasingly frustrating how he has sprinted towards opponents only to pull up at the last moment and do nothing. Add that to his tendency to match the runs of opponents without actually putting in a tackle without conceding a free kick and I'm not alarmed about his departure.

On the positive side, he has been enthusiastic, conscientious and well worth giving an opportunity. I hope Robbie goes on to have a bright future in the game but to be particularly unsuccessful when he plays against Ayr United.   


Whatever your opinions of Robbie as a player, he is an academy graduate who played 226 times for the club including two spells in the championship - what we want the academy to produce more of.

Good luck to him, Livingston is probably the right kind of club for him to move to, smallish squad, club expected to struggle so will get a chance etc.

Interesting to gauge other championship teams fans reaction on P + B, they seemed to have a higher regard for him than we did. I think how we regarded him was coloured by his inclusion for so long in a midfield that included Gilmour and Donald.

Would be funny though if L*vvy have signed him to play right mid.

Hope he slips Ryan McStay a wee bung as well, as his honkingness is what gave Crawford his chance.