Started by titus, May 23, 2019, 13:50:03

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Wonder when we will start to see a IMMINENT.


not even the released list.. potential for a long summer break .. waiting.

Balloon Boy

I'm surprised we've not had the freed list yet, i thought it was always the week after the season finished.....unlkess all will be revealed at the Gaiety tonight....


I can not make it tonight, so hoping that someone will do an update on here.


He freed Chris Higgins and some youth players already and has stated in AP that he has offered contracts to everyone who is out of contract and hasn't already left (Rose, Smith, Shankland, Cadden, Miller, Doohan) so not sure there are any more being released.

I think some more will leave but not because they have been freed.

Even if everyone re-signs we need a keeper, centre half, right back and striker to stand still from last season.

If we are to free more, who do we think should be let go? I would let Moore/Adams go purely on the basis of being really injury prone.

I have a feeling McCall will just be doing anecdotes and opinions tonight, I very much doubt he will be providing squad updates even if asked unless something amazing happens like Shankland has resigned.


Wasn't there but from what I've read -
He's talked to Kris Boyd about signing, Crawford has offers from elsewhere, he's close to signing a CB who will take time to develop, Celtic are very pleased with Doohans time with us, he's turned down jobs with Partick, Falkirk and Notts County and Moffat and Moore have been offered deals.


So it is not a rumour,mccall in talks with boyd.


He said Boyd's reply was "are you trying to get us both killed!"


Boyd scores goals everywhere he is been so will be an interesting dynamic up front if it is true and it happens - I wonder if he is seeing McCowan as his strike partet doing all the running about or if it is Moffat or Moore who he sees as the partner - I'm basing this on the assumption that we are actually putting more thought into this than "Kris Boyd might be available"

Obviously the K*ll*e thing and the other "baggage" he quite literally carries will make him a target if we struggle or he doesn't do well. Alternatively he rattles in the winner on his debut and we all sing "he used to be a killie but he's alright now".

Moffat and Boyd would be the oldest strike force we have had for a while.

In this vein I expect free agent Craig Conway will be linked with us as an elderly replacement for McDaid if he leaves.


Must be due a IMMINENT anytime soon.


Shankland at Tannadice for medical today or tomorrow.