Ayr v Partick

Started by TonyH, April 19, 2019, 12:52:05

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Thistle paying for regular supporters buses and putting on free buses of their own for this and QOS game.
Made me think of the time the club put on free buses for the relegation decider at Firhill many years ago. What a day that was !


Must of took 3k up that day.seen partick fans greetin that day.

Jeff Vader

Hopefully Thistle bring a couple of thousand, we could do with a big attendance to make up for a run of midweek home games


I'm sure they will Jeff, especially if they get a result today.

Ayr Apparent

Yet another abysmal performance tonight. Record since January reads; Won: 4 Drawn 2 Lost: 10.

From a team that excelled in the first half of the season, we've turned into the worst team in the league. What is going on ?

Sorry if people are offended but I don't rate the Manager.

Due to the number of players who will be moving to new clubs in the summer, Mr. McCall will be responsible for the recruitment of a new batch of players for next season. It will soon become clear if he has been a lucky manager this season. That is where my opinion leads me as I've been unimpressed by his tactics for a long time now.

If we don't offload players like Crawford, Moore Bell and Kerr I fear the worst for 19/20. We are too small and fragile to compete against any of the more physical teams and we have no leader on the park.

Apart from that, everything is just peachy.


Totally agree with Ayr apparent. McCall has shown time and time again that he can take a team so far....but no further.
I think december was his high water mark and it's been downhill since. On present form we are the worse team in the league.