Challenge for 2nd.

Started by shinglis, April 12, 2019, 07:08:57

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Ok let's get in about DUFC again, probably won't happen but a repeat of the 5-0 would be awesome 😎. Been said elsewhere but if we beat them go 3 points behind with a game in hand. Also if we win Ross county can win the league by win/draw against Patrick on Saturday, which would be better than winning the league at Somerset.

Score prediction, another edgy 1-0 win for Super Ayr.


As the game is on the TV, and against Dundee United, McDaid to be unplayable.


No challenge now. Defence a shambles

Jeff Vader

That was weird. Felt we were comfortable up until their goal. Cracking strike but defence stood back and admired it. Doohan awful for their second. Somehow we managed to throw away that game, such a shame.

I would still fancy us over two legs against them. Nothing to fear. However the hard part will be getting past Inverness.

mark me3


QuoteIan McCall on match:

"I think the crucial thing was this being our fifth game in 13 days. I credit Dundee United a touch but we ran out of legs, simple as that. In the first half at times they couldn't get near us."

Fair comment.


Not really a fair comment. In january and feb we had a lot less games. We still played like headless chickens.
Tonight the defence looked as if they had never met each other. Attack again was toothless.

real deal

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Winning goal liked an error to me  in a match I thought we controlled for an hour