Inverness Game - 6th April

Started by MonkeyHeid, April 05, 2019, 12:58:29

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Ok time to get over this so-called "bogey" team. Yet to beat Inverness this season but time to get over that, this weekend with a win.

If nothing else, hopefully, get don't get beat this weekend and another point towards the playoffs.

Prediction - 1-1



Will be happy with a draw as long as Dunfermline don't win


Oh dear...this is getting to be a habit. McCall can't seem to raise the team


All very predictable, don't take our chances then lose a goal from a free kick.
Only good thing is Dunfermline only getting a point.

Ian Boswell

If someone had been at the last two home games and seen nothing else of our season they would have refused to believe we had beaten Dundee United three times wit an aggregate score of 8 - 0. We should still have the potential to finish third, but we really do need to raise our game. I'll miss the next three home games. I hope I return to a more optimistic situation.


Actually thought yesterday was a close fought match between two evenly matched teams - on one hand it gives me hope if we make the play offs that ICT are not world beaters on the other cause for alarm having failed to beat them at all this season.

I agree with McCall's decision to drop Forrest - was miles off the pace on Tuesday but similarly Adams looked really rusty and was a waste of a substitution. Also agree with dropping Kerr as tempo and physicality of the game wouldn't have suited him particularly with the switch in tactics to let Calvin Miller play a free role - would have worked if he could finish.

Most worrying thing for me and no idea why I hadn't noticed it before yesterdays game Shankland looked overweight - still had some great headed flicks which others made an ar*e of.

Three points a must on Tuesday.