League reconstruction

Started by ghostofjimmysmith, May 07, 2019, 12:17:32

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What a bunch of f*nn*es Falkirk are - did they not get away with this last time they would have gone down because Airdrie went bust - strangely enough same logic didn't apply when Rangers were relegated, 2nd bottom stays up. How are they afraid of playing young players - they made a deliberate decision to axe their academy so don't have any so it is complete and utter nonsense.

They are down, they just need to get on with it.

None of this would be on the agenda if the right result of Alloa and Ayr United being relegated had transpired. Hopefully the clubs see it for what it is and even if re-org happens it is delayed.


There's this parallel story but reconstruction is scheduled for the following season so Falkirk would still go down and quite rightly so.

Scottish Championship could expand to 12 teams for 2020-21 as part of shake-up https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48179898

That story also mentions to horrible thought of colt teams joining the league but I thought that idea had already been rejected: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42977922


How on earth do you get relegated if you finish second top of the league?. Rankers were not relegated they went bust.


Rangers went bust and Sevco joined in league 2 if you are being pedantic - but unlike the Airdrie situation in 2001-2 when Falkirk who finished 2nd bottom stayed up, Ayr United who finished second bottom in 2012 albeit having lost the play off semi final were relegated and the losing finalist Airdrie were promoted.


Not being pedantic at all. Remember the Coral court case?? Judge ruled that Rangers "were not relegated in any meaningful sense of the word"


No idea what you are talking about. Only keep up with the comedy gifts that keep coming from them - been disappointingly comedy free of late though. Work with too many Celtic fans who have a surprisingly detailed knowledge of business and tax law so switch off for all that mince.

Whatever happened to David Murrays second choice, Airdrie benefited and not us.



David Murray bankrupted Airdrie over 30k owed. If you don't know about the Coral bookmakers case..google it. It was in all the papers two years ago.


Doug Henderson the Chairman of Falkirk's quote

"Too many clubs are too wary of playing young players in case it ends up in disaster for them and that they don't achieve what they think could achieve, especially if, for instance, they're in the Championship seeking promotion or in the bottom half of the Premiership and faced with relegation."

Cute coming from him who bought a new team in January to try and turn their fortunes.  I am all for league restructure if it is going to make our game more attractive and exciting.  But in this years Championship, on the last game of the season, there were only a couple of teams who had nothing to play for.  Last day jitters can't beat it.