Dunfermline - 29th March.

Started by shinglis, March 26, 2019, 08:17:07

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Ok so one team in good form and Super Ayr not so super.  Some extra time for players to return from injury and by the sounds of it a good run out last Saturday. Ayr need to start winning games and Saturday would be a good start. 

Maybe Forrest will start and can be the difference we are badly needing and will predict a close encounter but Ayr to sneak it 1-0. 


even better if they started on Friday:)


even better if they started on Friday:)

Haha... OK. not playing games on a Saturday will never catch on :-\

Hate to think the AUFC fans response if we go 5th in the league Friday night. 

Ian Boswell

They would need to win by a barrowload to go above us I think?


Quote from: Ian Boswell on March 27, 2019, 15:15:16
They would need to win by a barrowload to go above us I think?

only by 15 goals. 8)

Ian Boswell

Actually I reckon it's 8 - 0. +8 for them is also -8 for us. But it surely isn't going to happen!


No it ain't going to happen :)

this is when we get back on track

Mon Ayr !!!
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!




Won't make tomorrow but I feel like asking everyone on Tuesday night what they did during the Summer!



Was a competent display. Let them back in towards the end but they couldn' t hit a barn door with a banjo...as the saying goes ..perhaps

real deal

Good result and we'll deserved ,well played Robbie good game tonight!!

Ian Boswell

Agree with Real Deal re Robbie Crawford. Would say likewise of Mark Kerr. No one let us down really. 

real deal

I agree with you about Mark Kerr 


Quotesneak it 1-0.

Does not happen often getting the match prediction right, so will enjoy the moment.

Great to see a positive display, just when things were looking to turn sour. 


Heard there was a bit of bother at dunfermline last night,anyone know what happend.

Balloon Boy

great result, back to getting near the sahpe & play at the start of the season, what a remarkable difference to the way we played away at Falkirk, in saying that Dunfermline were very poor 7 we nearly chucked it away when Shankland had to come off, we wer ejust inviting them on to us. anyway, hopefully we continue tomorrow with the same energy & committment....


Decent performance, nobody below a 7/10 but nobody outstanding.

On the lengthy injury - looked a bad one - I take it the stretcher folks thought AJ was still in charge and a Dunfermline player going down like he was shot when nobody touched him was just his tactics hence why they took so long to respond.