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Started by shinglis, February 20, 2019, 15:20:16

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Right.. going to be bold and say Super Ayr will return to winning ways and get the 3 points this weekend. No reason or justification other pure optimism plus it's a home game.  

Looking at the bigger picture currently 10 points away from Inverness, so need to maintain that gap to ensure a top 4 finish.. before anyone shoots me down, would love to win the league but given the current status I would be totally pissed off, if we now finished outside the top 4. (not going to happen - positive thoughts)


Would be nice to get a decent crowd on saturday.weather looks like it is going to be nice.


Quote from: titus on February 20, 2019, 15:58:21
Would be nice to get a decent crowd on saturday.weather looks like it is going to be nice.

Unfortunately I think we'll be talking about how poor the crowd was.
I doubt there will be be more than 2,500 even with a decent away support


Such a shame we don't have an excellent PR machine instead of only reaching the usual suspects.

Maybole Mauler

PR for the club is very poor. The website hasn't even been updated to show details of tomorrow's match with Dunfermline?

Hopefully, the team will be better prepared for the match than the PR side of the business. A confidence-boosting win before the crunch match on Tuesday with Ross County would be ideal, but we need to be a lot more clinical in front of goal than last Saturday. I don't know how many times we got into good shooting positions at the edge of the box, only to balloon the ball over the bar.

I go for a 2-0 win for Ayr, but it won't be easy.


Not being awkward but given social media, the main stream online media, online forums such as this one and P and B, more traditional media such as the radio and the papers, is the match not being listed on the club web site really going to be that material to the crowd - is there really a sizeable group of people who are not going to attend because the match details are not on the club web site.

I get the point that this would seem symptomatic of a wider problem in marketing the club = can't be bothered doing even the baisc things - but given that we are having our best season in 20 years and playing good football and have one one of the clubs best ever players in the team- a reasonable amount of the goodness has been televised - and have had much media coverage to that effect - I don't think that there is a sizeable untapped group of people who would rock up to Somerset if only they knew the game was on.

If a stay away hasn't been back yet they aren't coming back unless there is a change in pricing or change in facilities.

See statement from ICT whose home support are down 30000 per season over the last 2 seasons but have been in decline for the last 15, despite promotions and stints in the SPL and also winning the Scottish cup.

Maybole Mauler

While I agree with you Ghost that it probably won't have all that much effect on the attendance tomorrow, it does give a very poor impression of the Club when one of the main places where fans look for information was not updated until the afternoon before the match.

real deal

Moore out for 4 weeks ankle injury


We have become so predictable, it's like watching the team that finished bottom two years ago


Manager has a track record of taking teams so far...and no further. Looks like we have hit our glass ceiling.


Aye,all very predictable.
No ' Plan B' when everyone has us sussed out.

Ian Boswell

We remain in second place on the same points as Dundee United. Our goal difference is better than theirs by twenty! Sixteen of this is from our three games against them. Quite astonishing really.

Balloon Boy

get a grip the lot of you, win tomorrow night and we're right back in it........


We didn't.....we lost.....again.

real deal

Quote from: dickmalone on February 26, 2019, 23:30:15
We didn't.....we lost.....again.

Surely you didn't expect anything else we haven't beaten them in 3 attempts and they're the best team team in the league