Alloa A V Ayr U

Started by Doyle, January 30, 2019, 12:17:18

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Apply ourselves, and three points is the prize, Shankland to start, and i would have Muirhead in the mid, give Robbie a rest....


Agree 100% mr doyle.also muirhead on from the start if he is fit.the alloa game is a must 3 points.

Balloon Boy

Very harsh on Robbie who has played well in the middle of the midfield, id be more inclined to drop murdoch if you were insisting on muirhead starting, but its all amatter of opinions.....muirhead was holding the back of his thigh a few times on tuesday, hopefully hes not picked up the Sean Higgins hoodoo.....


we can do this... 2-0 Super Ayr. C'Mon. 

real deal

Terrific result the Moff starring after the birth of the baby this morning congrats