Ayr U V Dundee U

Started by Doyle, January 19, 2019, 18:16:53

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Match Prediction Result

Home Win - Ayr
1 (16.7%)
4 (66.7%)
Away Win - Dundee Utd
1 (16.7%)

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Ian Boswell

Oh the tension as my watch CRAWLED through the last 20 minutes or so! Only a one goal win but it was a vital victory. We were easily the better team too and no one really let us down. Ross Doohan put several goal kicks up and out but he really earned his pay in the later stages of the game. Ross Docherty well worth MoM. Funniest moment was their no. 4 carefully making sure the ball went over the goal line for a goal kick to us.

Bring on the ICT!


Fantastic team performance.lets kick on.



The team showed real guts and fight tonight.played as a team.well done.W R AYR.

real deal

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Quote from: mark me3 on January 25, 2019, 18:42:12
Sorry but I have a feeling Dundee united will thrash us 5.0
(heading to the pub then the game as I Type)

If offered money for Shanks then we need to take it now and
build for next season,  there is no chance of us ever getting near
the SPL , its a dream, the teams below us are now catching us with ease
and we need to cash in now , forget what the manager and chairman say
we are not going up.
Settle for the Championship and lets build a team that will stay in this league
for the next few years then have a go at the SPL no point going up to go straight back down, we need to be a team that will attract good quality players

rant over

You must be gutted tonight after that 

Jeff Vader

Boy, was I not expecting that! Tremendous performance from the whole team, fight, passion and skill. Where was that last week?! All of a sudden it's back on and we are in title contention again. Well done Ayr!

Ian Boswell

Looking at the league table this morning shows us top with a superior goal difference to Ross County by two, equal best goal scorers with Ross County and the best defence in the Championship. If we can return to our best scoring form the future looks bright indeed. More directly relevant to this thread, the aggregate score in three league games with Dundee United is Ayr United 8 -  Dundee United 0. If anyone had predicted this a year ago they would have been laughed at! 


Great response after last weekend's debacle. As much as we have struggled over the last few weeks, so have Ross County. The pressure is on them now.


That was exactly what we needed.
10/10 for everyone although I was surprised at how poor Dundee Utd were.
Good atmosphere even though the attendance wasn't great.


Well done everyone who turned up, including the players. Great ball in from McDaid for goal. Early goal must've lifted the supporters. A bit of consistency now (as long as it's 100%). Rose's move ought to show players like Crawford what consistent application could achieve.

Ian Boswell

Any winning score whatsoever on Tuesday will put us top, with all teams having played the same number of games. Mind you, still a long way to go.

Balloon Boy

the game was a lot more comfortable than ther scpore suggests, could it be because Dundee United didnt sit in & defend & we found it easier to play against them?  Anyway thoroughly deserved 3 ponts, we outplayed, outthought & outfought them in every dept......

mark me3

Glad I was proved wrong and now eating humble pie.

well done lads.


There hasn't been much wrong in defence and midfield during our blip, we just weren't creating and taking chances. Friday night we created and took one of the two clear cut chances - Murdoch's sclaff in the 2nd half being the other. Dundee United were really poor, their lack of cutting edge looked exactly like us playing without Shankland.

Shankland on the bench probably worked perfectly on Friday - crowd getting a bit quiet - "away out and warm up Lawrence" - and there was a perceptible ripple of "oh no, no him" from their team when we brought him on and meant they had to keep someone back to mark him.

Though Doohan showed real maturity and ability in the 2nd half coping admirably with the conditions - I think the kicking to the right wing was tactical - put it somewhere safe rather than risking it come straight back - rather than a "problem".

Love the daft logic on P and B, Lochee United beat Talbot last time they played, Talbot beat us, we have pumped both Dundee and Dundee United, so Lochee United currently the best team on Tayside.