Ayr U V Dundee U

Started by Doyle, January 19, 2019, 18:16:53

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Match Prediction Result

Home Win - Ayr
1 (16.7%)
4 (66.7%)
Away Win - Dundee Utd
1 (16.7%)

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Sorry to say, if no Shankland, where are the goals going to come from ?


Agree, no Shankland no goals


Win and lose as a team, but too many players just haven't appeared to care enough, regularly hiding when we need them. Pity we have no competition for places as a good few of them could do with sweating on a bench for a few weeks. How certain blue eyed boys get on teamsheet regularly is baffling, they flatter to deceive, no urgency, breeds complacency,sideways/backwards passing, don't hit the target enough. And why o why when we have (supposedly) so many injuries are the likes of Ferguson, Hilton  and Ecrepont/?any other fringe players?  not getting a game or any game time, does it say they aren't good enough? When are they supposed to get blooded? The morale in the camp canny be good. Hope they're more up for this next game. Good luck with breaking the 3,000 attendances we supposedly need . Will be interesting to see the state of our pitch if it's worse than Talbot's. Oh, and I hope they, (players and "Cumnock daft" staff) all have to sit through the full match, not pretty. Must concentrate on the league, nothing other than 100% acceptable.


Quite obvious that if you take Shankland out of the team we are pretty much exactly where we were 2 years ago in the championship - lots of effort, don't lose heavily but can't score.

Really obvious that Docherty and Murdoch are like Moore and Moffat - don't work playing together and I have no idea why McCall thinks Crawford is a left sided midfielder - as baffling as Reid playing Moffat in right mid.

Not sure I think that Harvie and Smith are the problem so don't understand why Ferguson and Ecrepont would get a game ahead of them but surely a natural forward from the academy is a better option than putting midfielder/defender Steven Bell up front when chasing games - particularly as it hasn't worked in any of the games we have tried 

Shankland plays on Friday we will draw or win, doesn't play we will lose.

What is the script with Forrest - I believe he was awaiting scan results to confirm his season is over.


Hopefully squad are working out how to get goals without looking for penalties. Hope there's a good positive response to Saturday. 

Balloon Boy

unfortunately i think we'll be down to the bare bones for this game with geggan out as well...


Maybe best just chalk it off then...

Balloon Boy

i would doubt it, theres no doubt though that the next 2 games will be pivotal in how our seson ends up.....


Right,talbot game over.lets get right behind our club on friday.as a loyal honestman/woman it is your duty to do so.lets make the bard proud on his birthday.YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU.

Ian Boswell

Agreed. It's now well over fifty years since the shock Cup result:-   

Berwick Rangers 1 - Rangers 0. 

I think Rangers got over it!


Oh joy... :-X get to watch the game in Ultra HD.


Taken from Ayr United Enquiries & Stats FB Page: 

QuoteAyr United have never lost a home league game on Burns Day. Our only Burns Day league defeat in history was 3-1 away to St Mirren in 1994. The original game had been abandoned for fog ten days earlier. 

Will take anything that will provide hope that we get a result on Friday night, it's badly needed. 


Win, Lose or draw... please please let Super Ayr score a couple of goals. Don't really care who scores them, Moore would be nice, but please at least make a game of and score. 

Getting really concerned DUFC will get revenge for the earlier 5-0 and could be the same in reverse on Friday. 


They can't be as tentative at home as they were against Falkirk, that was dire. Mon Ayr.

Ian Boswell

Geggan, Forrest, Adams, Kerr and Shankland all out injured. Not optimistic unless Moore sees a return to form.

I think I'll do my prediction tomorrow morning before the stated deadline. ;D 


QuoteI think I'll do my prediction tomorrow morning before the stated deadline. ;D 

:-[ Oops. - Locked voting. 


Too many injuries again and can't see us.getting anything tonight as Dundee Utd have added new players and we have only brought in a defender so 0-2.... 😢

mark me3

Sorry but I have a feeling Dundee united will thrash us 5.0
(heading to the pub then the game as I Type)

If offered money for Shanks then we need to take it now and
build for next season,  there is no chance of us ever getting near
the SPL , its a dream, the teams below us are now catching us with ease
and we need to cash in now , forget what the manager and chairman say
we are not going up.
Settle for the Championship and lets build a team that will stay in this league
for the next few years then have a go at the SPL no point going up to go straight back down, we need to be a team that will attract good quality players

rant over


 Never doubted the lads...cough cough splutter splutter


Well done, and so glad to be proved wrong with my prediction, never saw this result coming after all our injury problems.Stick in lads and fingers crossed for injuries to disappear....