Cup Game - Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr Utd

Started by shinglis, January 14, 2019, 13:00:17

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Match Prediction...

Home Win - Auchinlect Talbot
1 (6.3%)
Draw - Replay
2 (12.5%)
Away Win - Super Ayr (currently not so super)
13 (81.3%)

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Voting closed: January 19, 2019, 13:01:30

Balloon Boy

any place to listen again to the sportsound brpoadcast I cany find it on the bbc iplayer?


Anyone get the impression McCall is a tad peeved with Dundee United !

Balloon Boy

i presume its them thats bid for Smith (would be better seeing what league we are in next season before signing anything), i wonder who's bid for Rose, Crawford (surely not a down step to Hamilton) & Shankland (apart from Swansea)??


Martin Canning and his assistant were at the home defeat to Falkirk.  It had been published prior to the game that Shankland would not be playing.  So with that I would take it he was there to have a look other members of the team.


Whatever club/s are after them it sounds like they're all away at the end of the season


Thanks Shinglis, I've now found out you can watch it through the Red button.

Jeff Vader

Holy moly :'(

Arguably the club's greatest ever win and most embarrassing defeat all in the same season!



Pathetic and humiliating. Talbot were well deserved winners. Three games without scoring. We seem to be in freefall.

Maybole Mauler

Pathetic,gutless performance. Similar to the last two games - absolutely no idea how to create and take a chance to score a goal. Totally anonymous performances by McDaid and Crawford in particular and Moore is really out of touch these days.The defence once again gave away a soft goal due to poor marking. Well done to Talbot - you showed up all Ayr's frailties on the day and deserved to win.
I can only see us plummeting down tha League now as confidence will be shattered by this thoroughly inept performance.


It's a hard one to take but don't think it warrants the "one of the greatest Scottish Cup shocks of all time" tag.  Talbot are a good side, unbeaten for over three months, playing with confidence at home with the whole town there today to support them; Ayr on the other hand are weakened through injury, struggling to score at the moment, and consequently low in confidence.  Hopefully now with the Cup out of the way, we can turn things around and make a decent promotion challenge starting on Friday when Dundee Utd come to Somerset!


Embarrassing doesn't even come close to describing that.
In the second half it looked like we were the juniors and they were the full time Championship team.
Time to face the fact that Moore just doesn't cut it.

shuggie sproat

Well done Auchinleck,means so much to the town and the people,and let us face it after that witch Thatcher tried her best to destroy them,who would deny them this joy they now feel.Ayr were abject today and Moore is  certainly not the answer,look at the chances he misses,does not have the composure required for a top striker unlike Mr Shankland.Typical Ayr United forty years out of the top tier in Scotland,a disgrace.


And I was going to drive 500 miles to go to the game! I know we are missing important players but these games have been an opportunity for guys like Moore, McDaid, Crawford even McGuffie to step up.

I can't see us picking anything up on Friday but happy to be proved wrong.


Dear oh dear........
From the start of the second half Talbot went for it. In the first half I thought they stood off us giving us too much respect
I am disappointed that when some of ourour play are given the chance to shine and they don't take it, as some of our players' performances were pretty poor

Talbot better in the second half so well done to you guys
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!

Ayr Apparent

Laughable to think that while the Manager perseveres with Crawford out of position, McGuffie is to be loaned out, rather than giving him a run in the team. 

As for Craig Moore, not even close to a first team player and yet, at times this season, he was preferred to Moffat. Absolutely baffling. We badly need to sign a striker as we have only one in the entire squad.

Good luck to Auchinleck, they deserve their place in the next round. That was a really nice occasion today with a great atmosphere. No trouble whatsoever, apart from the usual moronic behaviour of the Ayr United flare thrower.

Having said that, a truly humbling result. We have had an excellent season to this point and the Manager and team deserve credit. Nevertheless, today's was  an unacceptable performance.




Anyone else think things aren't right behind the scenes ?Earlier in the season there was a real togetherness and fighting spirit, that seems to have evaporated.
Maybe it's down to all this transfer and pre-contract talk but something is not right..


Minded me of a league two/third tier match, which reflects better on Talbot, well done to them. Pity we can't lend out more players.We lack invention to try and get goals , far too predictable and plodding, and high balls to wee Moore just a total waste. In for a hard shift on Friday, hope someone else is fit. 


I'm starting to wish we hadn't horsed Dundee Utd. It's all gone Pete Tong since then.