Is Somerset fit for the Premiership?

Started by Wee Broon, December 02, 2018, 08:56:19

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Wee Broon

A topic that many of us would never have though we would ever discuss is Somerset compliant with SPFL rules for the premiership. Well it looks like the answer is yes. Read the article below.


Thanks for sharing. Yes it's very odd based on the history but it looks like no major changes are required for super Ayr to play in the spl. In fact I bet a bunch of fans would look forward to standing at grounds again instead of some of these soulless seated grounds.


Still waiting for Roger Mitchell to be wheeled out to burst our balloon in December as happened in '98 with us and Falkirk and letting Hibs push away. If we do go up I would actually like the Ayrshire Post to find Roger Mitchell and ask him what he thinks, why in 2019 it is acceptable but in 1999 it wasn't and also maybe to apologise to all the clubs who gubbed themselves for years (Airdrie being the most obvious example) matching the SPL stupid criteria.

Hear constant p*sh from Rangers supporters that their treatment somehow has held Scottish football back - I would say provincial clubs getting themselves heavily in debt to build stadiums that are never anywhere near full caused much more damage.

Assuming Bill Barr had got planning permission and had built a 10000 seat stadium - there would have been no guarantee anything different would have happened on the pitch and good chance that the club would have gone bust servicing the stadium debt or that the wilderness years would have been even more soul destroying played out in a virtually empty 10000 seat lego stadium as has happened to Airdrie.

Yes Somerset needs to a bit of upgrading - covered north terracing the most obvious example but it should only happen if we ever look like staying up in the top flight.

All joking aside about Roger Mitchell, I can see the cartel, led by the provincial clubs who had to upgrade their stadiums and also aided and abetted by bitter championship clubs somehow conspiring to not let us up.


Not that it matters since it looks like the stadium is no issue regards promotion but what if you win the Euro Millions and could upgrade the stadium what would be on your priority list.

- Roof for the north stand, probably up there will everyone's requirement.
- Not been in the railway end for some time, but from memory improved (or even the addition) of some toilets.  :-X

But is there is anything else on the upgrade list  ??


A social club,new main stand,new stand for the north terrace with hospitality boxes.resurface car park,and incorperate a new club shop within one of the new stands.this needs done whether we get promoted or not.


QuoteNot that it matters since it looks like the stadium is no issue regards promotion but what if you win the Euro Millions

I'm petty so for me buy Rugby Park and build houses, use the proceeds to buy Ibrox and build houses then use the proceeds to buy Celtic Park and build houses. From there develop Somerset.

Balloon Boy

Iwouldnt want a stand on the North side but id be delighted if we put a roof over it...


Looks like they have started the improvements a little early. Some nutter doing a homer.


Dear oh dear that's a bit of a mess
That turnstile won't be open on Friday
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!


Responsibility for this has been laid squarely at the feet of the Killie Tuliban.  I heard that Police Scotland were treating this as a terrorist incident, as he had a beard, a camping stove and a Swiss army knife.

Kill them Killie bams