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Started by shinglis, October 07, 2018, 20:28:31

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Ok been some discussion about the current attendance or lack of.  The current home attendance records are:

   Min   Max   Average Attendance
1   Dundee United   4,446   6,532   5,197
2   Falkirk   4,026   6,173   4,917
3   Dunfermline Athletic   4,568   5,138   4,848
4   Ross County   3,065   6,402   4,343
5   Partick Thistle   2,710   3,431   3,085
6   Ayr United   2,250   3,249   2,679
7   Inverness Caledonian Thistle   2,029   2,424   2,256
8   Greenock Morton   1,994   2,273   2,092
9   Queen of the South   1,228   2,498   1,731
10   Alloa Athletic   836   1,616   1,198

Given our years in the lower leagues the figures although not great are at least optimistic and we must consider the greater Scottish football attendance problem not just super Ayr in isolation.

Balloon Boy

seems reasonable, would hope to bypass Ross County beforethe end of the season, all the teams above us have had recent time in the Premier league where we have sufferd years of dissapointment in the lower leagues...


Quote6   Ayr United   2,250   3,249   2,679

That average must be up by at least a 1,000 compared to last season, what's the numbers for the previous championship season that might be an interesting comparison since crowds are expected to higher based on higher league and larger away crowds.


Quoteprevious championship season that might be an interesting comparison

2016-2017 Season.
                         Total   High             Low   Average   
1   Ayr United   33,592   3,100   1,103   1,866

OK only 6 home games but still good to see the average attendance increased.


Big uplift in the home support  - disappointing supports from Dundee United and Falkirk mean this is not just down to bigger away supports.

The real jolly

Maybe the bigger crowds and potential elsewhere could lure McCall away !

Jeff Vader

A few people mentioning that the crowd size against Dundee Utd looked bigger than the official attendance given. Not suggesting the crowd numbers were under-reported but would there be any advantage to do this for a league game? I thought the home team keeps all the gate money in league games?

Balloon Boy

yes, it means less income to pay tax on, ive never quite got why Ross county inflate their figures right enough.....


Have a look at the Inverness v Morton game highlights on Youtube from Saturday, a sparsely populated main stand, about 100 Morton fans in the away end and about 400 or so home fans behind the goal. Absolutely no-one along the side of the pitch the cameras are placed. Attendance given as 2,186!

D.Armour Appreciation Soc

Jings.  I'm not one for indulging in Attendance Onanism, but there is hardly anyone there.  A couple of seasons in the Championship for ICT might dent their aspirations.

Balloon Boy, it could be related to any funding they received. 


Quote from: Balloon Boy on October 10, 2018, 10:44:34
yes, it means less income to pay tax on, ive never quite got why Ross county inflate their figures right enough.....

I think the idea is that it makes them more attractive to sponsors and advertisers.
I'm sure Dunfermline count season ticket holders in the attendance figures whether they are actually there or not for the same reason.