Own Goals Number 80.

Started by aufcstats, September 17, 2018, 08:29:04

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Eighty Own Goals In The League

We got a milestone own goal. It was number eighty in our favour in league fare.

Here are the landmark ones.
Number One: Cochrane (Abercorn) 15th October, 1910. Away.
Number Ten: Richardson (Leith Athletic) 8th August, 1936. Home.
Number Twenty: Ralph Collins (Kilmarnock) 1st January, 1954. Away.
Number Thirty: Willie Toner (Kilmarnock) 24th September, 1960. Home.
Number Forty: Jim Hannah (Stranraer) 23rd November, 1968. Away.
Number Fifty: Davie Hayes (Morton) 14th September, 1983. Away.
Number Sixty: Norrie McCathie (Dunfermline Athletic) 25th February, 1995. Home.
Number Seventy: Paul Maxwell (Dumbarton) 21st August, 2010. Home.
Number Eighty: Leo Fasan (Falkirk) 15th September, 2018. Home.