Falkirk Game on 15/09/18

Started by Maybole Mauler, September 06, 2018, 16:52:20

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Maybole Mauler

I think the Falkirk game could be season-defining, even this early in the campaign.

If we can get our act together after last Saturdays heavy defeat by a much more streetwise QOS team and beat Falkirk then we would have a ten point advantage over the bottom of the table team and our confidence levels would surely be raised again going into the following week's game away to Alloa, which is another pivotal fixture.

Let's hope the Manager drills into the team the need to close down opponents on the edge of the box to stop them shooting and crossing into the box at will. That cost us dear against QOS.

Let's give the team our full support when they take the field a week on Saturday and give them all the encouragement we can.


Agree with the mauler,a win against falkirk would put distance between us and the teams down at the bottom.

Balloon Boy

look up not down said a wise man....

Maybole Mauler

Quote from: Balloon Boy on September 07, 2018, 12:45:19
look up not down said a wise man....

A realistic man and HISTORY indicate differently, I'm afraid. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong and that you are indeed a much 'wiser' than me. However, I've got over 50 years of disappointment behind me that tells me we always have a good start to the season and fade away during the winter months for some reason. hence, why I feel we need to get as many points on the board early to give us a cushion, hopefully, starting with 3 points against Falkirk. Falkirk will surely pick up under their new manager as St. Mirren did 2 seasons ago and finish well up the table.


St Mirren had the advantage of signing a new team in January though! We don't want to be the first team to drop points to this mob.

David Castilla

Hopefully the crowd don't break 30 decibels.  ::)
The dream will never die.


Saturday can't come quick enough. I really hope we take the 3 points and regain some confidence after last result.


We should go into this game with no fear,a win against falkirk would put them 10 points behind us.got to keep the dross below us.

The real jolly

Be interesting to see the home crowd !hope not but back to the usual 1400 methinks


Harvie out with suspension but should we make any changes given our last game was a 5-0 horsing or is it just a blip, largely due to not being able to cope with Dobie?

I'm inclined to treat as a blip and keep the same team except for Harvie.

Not sure on the crowd - it is the only home game this month so that has to be some kind of incentive to turn up.


QuoteHarvie out with suspension but should we make any changes given our last game was a 5-0 horsing or is it just a blip, largely due to not being able to cope with Dobie?

That's a good point, do we make changes to confirm the last performance was not acceptable or give them the benefit of just a bad day. Based on nothing but results this season, we should really win this game but will totally depend on which team turns up and the performance. If play like we did against Dundee then it should be easy, play like against QoS could be a long afternoon.

I don't think Falkirk will bring a large support so think the crowd will be around the 2,200 mark.


Ian Boswell

In 1973 we used to get crowds of around 6500 against the likes of East Fife. If only!


Great comeback and result. Bit worrying to lose 7 goals in 2 games. But a win is a win


What a great turn around. Great result.

Whatever Mr McCall said at half time, can he say it at the start of the games please  - it sure worked 😀

Well done lads, thats a good 3 points
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!


Great 2nd half,and how good was the noise from the somerset road end shed .all round great team performance after a dodgy start.i think this season is going to be more good than bad.put the word out;THIS AYR TEAM ARE NO MUGS.

Maybole Mauler

A fantastic comeback win, but we need to tighten up again at the back. I don't know what's gone wrong with our defending all of a sudden. We only lost two goals in the first nine games, now we've shipped seven in the last two??
Maybe it's time to bring back Chris Higgins, if fully fit, to bolster up the centre of defence and move Jamie Adams forward into midfield to do what he does best, crunch everything that moves.
We certainly can't afford to give better teams than Falkirk a two goal start and expect the forwards to turn it around every week.


Good comeback from an abject 1st half performance - McCall must have done a team talk worthy of Brian Reid 2008-2009 to get a much improved 2nd half performance - or maybe just reminded everyone that we were playing in white.

Totally bonkers performance - Jamie Adams mince in the 1st half, imperious in the air for much of the 2nd half -especially for out third goal and then decides to play a 2 yard pass across the face of goal to Michael Rose at 3-2 - that fortunately bamboozled everyone including the Falkirk players - don't know who was actually to blame but good to see Doohan bawlng out big Adams for the pass back mix up.

Other than the loan boy up front, Falkirk are mince - team of 6 foot plus hammer throwers who are useless in the air - decent move for their 1st goal but dear oh dear Murdoch on the second.

I know we all need to grow up, but can't help the feeling of schwadenfreud when a bunch of wee boys wouldn't give the dumpling a keeper back after all his time wasting. Similarly as with the Dunfermline game, get to revel in singing "your f*cking sh*te" to a team who have pretty much owned us for much of the last 30 years.

Bonkersness carried on after the game, the teenage lad who was wanting to square go the entire home end  of "wet coast b*st*rds" as they left the match and the old guy with the crutch - I'm assuming he was a Falkirk fan - walking down the middle of the road trying to square go cars and teenage boys in Burnett Terrace. This is an unfamiliar position for their fans and they don't seem to be handling it well.

Certainly wasn't a boring afternoon and we are now a point better off than 5 games in than last season.


QuoteI don't think Falkirk will bring a large support so think the crowd will be around the 2,200 mark.

So Falkirk turned with 340 fans, compared to days in league 1 not a bad turnout but happy to have guess close to the crowd number of 2,250 but disappointed it was reduced from previous games. Hey ho.. they will return eventually.

As for the game, the football cliche of a game of 2 halves will never be more true,  not sure what was said at half time but obviously worked. Geggan made the comment during interview that once the 1st went in they thought they would crumble based on Falkirk previous results and proved to be correct, although Doonah did have the excellent save towards the end of the game to keep the 3 points.

Onwards & upwards bring on Alloa.