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Started by shinglis, August 27, 2018, 13:40:40

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Should Shankland been included in the Scotland squad.  Guess it's the classic "lower league" so not good enough when it comes to Scotland managers picking the team but given his scoring stats if it continues he would be very difficult not to select and at least give some game time.


Ultimately I can see him as a Scotland player, and I agree with the thinking that you pick the people who are in form but given the importance of the Albania game - the Belgium one is a waste of time - I'm not sure how supporters of every other club would take an untried striker from the championship being selected, and most would rather have a horribly off form Leigh Griffiths.

You could argue that Jason Cummings would have been equally as good a shout as a player in form.

Sad thing is if Shankland had signed for Rangers or Celtic last week he would probably been called up and if he signed for them before the window closes on Thursday he would no doubt get called up when someone drops out, irrespective of whether he was actually playing regularly.

At least Chris Martin wasn't selected ahead of him.


It was mentioned in yesterday's sportsound show briefly and even McCall said yes in the future but too soon for these games.  He did qualify his comments by stating, no doubt in his ability and potential to be a future Scotland striker