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Title: Sportsound Podcast (Tuesdays)
Post by: shinglis on October 04, 2018, 14:55:59
Only recently I have started to listen to the Radio Scotland Sportsound Podcast for Tuesdays since Ian McCall is on it most weeks. To be honest if McCall was not on it, I would probably never listen to the show and most of the time the general discussion is OK i..e this week the semi final fixture chaos, but  McCall is usually asked at some point in the show, if moving to Falkirk, Dundee Utd, (Insert team name here) and discussion about Shankland which might only be minutes in the 60 min show but still find insightful none the less.

Just wondering if I'm the only saddo started to follow the podcast or I'm just late to notice and McCall been on the show for years and never noticed as I said didn't normally listen to the show.